UAF Arctic Innovation Competition Semifinal winners

Congratulations to all the AIC 2021 Semi-Finalists! These competitors will present their innovative ideas and compete for the top prizes at the virtual Semi Finals events on April 12-15. See who makes it to the Final Competition on Saturday, April 17!

Main Division Semi-Finalists (Ages 18 & Up)

Arctic Quest: A Virtual Reality Experience – Stephanie Hinz; Count On Me: Home Office Technology Supporting Health And Productivity – Katrina Howe; CTE Delivery in a Covid Environment – Doug Walrath; Fuel Alert – Robert Werner; Plastic Recycling into Geodesic Gardening Dome – Krystal Hoke; Portable Gantry Crane – Royce Hornberger; Reinforced Ice w/ Partially Entangled Hemp Fibers – Luke Millam; Small Scale Barley Threshing and Winnowing Machines – Thimira Thilakarathna; Tiny Houses in the North: A Solution to the Student Housing Crises – Aimee Hassell; Toast Test for COVID Aerosol Modelling – Robert Werner

Honorable Mentions

Mushrooms on Wasted Cardboard – Uyanga Mendbayar, Taron Wood, Michael Strange; Salmon Strip Uluaq – Double Bladed – Alden Wilbur, Willard Church

JR Division Semi-Finalists (Ages 13-17)

3-Layered Taillights – Esther Cho; Arctic Hotspring Greenhouse Systems – Liam Thompson; Back-Up Buoy – Danika Dawley; Hands Free Boots – Matthew Weetman; P.O.P. – Promote Our Pollinators – Anna DeVolld; Permafrost Damage Prevention – Daria Mantei, Joey Dallaire, Sophia Thayer; VCE: Vapor Condensation Evaporator – Eunice Won, Elizabeth Kim, Pauline Xu; Water Tank Depth Sensor – Bradley James

Cub Division Semi-Finalists (Ages 12 & under)

AirDrone Filtr – Johnathan Verhagen; Easy Stop Sled – Denali Walrath, Dylan Walrath; Seasonal Light – Liam Bailey; Skee Plaw (Ski Plow) – Toben Simko; Toybot Cleanr – Ephriam Verhagen; Zippered Mittens – Leo Tape

AIC Semi-Finalists & Honorable Mentions as of April 6, 2021. Subject to change based on availability of competitors to participate in Semi Finals events during the week of April 12, 2021.