Turn the negative into positive

by Peter Twitchell

Monday, September 3, 2018 was a gorgeous sunny day at the Palmer State Fair, finally. I walked down from the red gate to Dena’ People’s Stage where I saw Native arts and crafts, kuspuks, carvings, cooked salmon, halibut and rice, preserves and jams, tie-dyed shirts and dresses, fur caps – malaggaays.
Native people have been proficient hunters/gatherers who have used every part of the animal for sustenance, and clothing. Nothing was ever wasted.
Above me a Maule airplane was towing a banner sign circling the fair for over an hour advertising a nationwide insurance agency.
Nick Hanson, a veteran American Ninja Warrior who has successfully completed his 4th season on the national TV show is a Inupiaq-Scottish athlete living in Unalakleet. He told his story as a 9-10 year old boy in the village he was constantly bullied because of his complexion.
He befriended the boy who constantly beat him because he was driven to succeed and be a better being by his tormentor. That is a way of life for being successful – turning negative to positive.
Thank you to Petra H. and the Bethel Broadcasting Inc. Board of Directors for the opportunity to cast my name in the box of names of individuals like me who are interested in serving the listeners of KYUK Radio and Television audience of Southwest Alaska.
I want to see KYUK continue to cater news, public affairs issues important to our region and that affect the lives of people in our villages. Quyanaqvaa. Piurci.