Tundra and Lightning

This dramatic lightning flash was caught via video during last Sunday's thunderstorm in Bethel. photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Many years ago lightning and thunderstorms were uncommon in our area while I was growing up. I asked my dad who is 90 years old if he could recollect any storms like that from his memory. He did say they were a rare occurrence and when one did happen, it was very scary and everyone would be shook up.

Nowadays we seem to get some every summer and instead of fear we are filled with awestruck astonishment and admiration for such an amazing show of the power and beauty of nature. For me it is a good time to capture those elusive strikes of lightning with right camera gear and settings and I enjoy the challenge.

The dark clouds draw near

A bright flash illuminates

Blink once, then its gone

It is good to ask our Elders about anything that we are curious about and to see what they have to say. They have a lifetime of knowledge while we who are younger only have so many years.

Our elders, when they were children – all the boys and girls, were taught to go outside as soon as they woke up to check and see what the weather was like. Their observational skills were sharpened starting from a very young age. In fact, they were woken from their sleep before dawn so that they would know how to prepare and be ready for survival. It is a skill that we all should strive for.