To protect and serve

by Peter Twitchell

When it comes to policing in a village community I can only imagine how challenging it must be to be a police officer where you know everybody and you’re related to them.

In looking at the big picture of maintaining law and order in any community it would be difficult at best to carry out your duties of law enforcement to the letter. What is important in law enforcement is to protect innocent citizens.

It is difficult for offenders of the laws of justice to understand this.

In speaking to tribal police officers, or VPSOs, the bashing verbally they receive in their duties as police officers is the most difficult for them mentally and emotionally day in and day out.

The offenders need to realize the errors of their ways is solely personal, and “no one is out to get them”.

As human being we generate and foster our own negative behaviors, and it will take a strong individual to carry out the job of a police officer. Understand that the law enforcement officer is carrying out his or her duties for the well being of both the victim and criminal.

I still believe their main duty is to protect and serve. To protect the general public from a raging, extremely foolish drunk is crucial to life and limb.

As Yup’iks and educated people we were not raised to hurt or harm others. We cannot blame alcohol and drugs for our fits of insane behavior.

When we’re intoxicated, we unfortunately carry out the impure thoughts of our minds. We must turn our minds to a higher level of constructive and healthy thinking. Otherwise, if we choose to drink to oblivion, and choose to not be law abiding people, be prepared to meet God’s judgment or man’s, both of which are painful.