To Dad with honor

by Greg Lincoln

We would like to send our best Fathers Day wishes to all of our dads in our family and to all of our friends and readers who are fathers. On this day to honor our fathers we also honor our own dad, our Ap’a.

Ap’a has been a steadfast supporter of us in all that he does. And even in his advanced years, he still encourages us to keep moving forward.

This year he celebrated his 89th birthday. Back then when he was born in the 1930’s they chose New Years day for his birthday, and that was a good choice.

When our children were small their Ap’a and grandma were always there for them. They helped take care of them through their elementary school years and into junior high. We extend our gratitude to them for all that they did for us.

Our children love their Ap’a and chose him over all when it was time to settle in for the night. He carried them on his back to and from school because he loved them so much. He and Gram fed them, made sure they were warmly clothed with Gram’s handmade parkas, and included them in the activities surrounding the home and subsistence. Thank you Ap’a and Grandma for all the great memories and for the love and kindness that you have for us all.

Ap’a enjoys visiting with his loved ones. He calls each one of us on a daily basis just to see how we are doing. His calls bring us happiness and even if it is just to say hi and how are you doing, that is more than enough to make a good day even better.

He is also full of wisdom, like an encyclopedia of knowledge. How fortunate we are to have such a great man in our lives. We thank the Lord for giving us our Dad.

Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday in June. To celebrate our fathers, father figures, and grandfathers and uncles, we usually have a special dinner prepared if we are able. Friends and family are invited and we give gifts and presents and everyone enjoys the holiday with socializing and fellowship.

There was once a Yup’ik grandfather who was asked how we should deal with problems that may arise within our families or with our children, or anywhere in life. His answer was, kenkakun, “With love.”

So the next time you feel like you want to explode with anger, remember those words and it will help you calm down. Love never fails.

Thank you Dad, I can’t wait to call you again and hear what you are up to. Quyana and Happy Father’s Day!