To bear another loss

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Sometimes during the onset of grief it seems like the weather knows what you are going through and feeling and it becomes part of your grieving. The wind may pick up, the skies grow cloudy, maybe it rains. Maybe the sun will be shining.

But all that is related to how we perceive our surroundings. During grieving, we may not notice any of that because we are completely engulfed in the lifedraining throes of sorrow. It may take a while to remember what was going on at the time of your deepest low. Later on you may ask friends what happened and they can tell you all you need to know.

If you have suffered a loss and are still in pain from grieving there may come a time when old grief wounds and scabs are torn open afresh, especially if the loss is unexpected or tragic. This may be from another loss of someone close to you, a friend or relative, and even one of the most painful and heartwrenching of all – your beloved pet, which are gifts from heaven. It may also be from the loss of one of your children’s friends – during the most vulnerable time in your life while you are still trying to heal, when you are still trying to make sense of the chaos, and you are constantly battling things inside your mind.

It is something that nobody wants to go through again, so soon, so very soon after the greatest loss you have ever experienced in your life.

Why do losses come one after the other? Just when you feel like almost normal again, we can be hit with another earthshattering blow. How can we build resiliency to all these traumas and tragedies?

We must try. When time has passed you will look back and think about how you suffered so much, but yet you are here now. That is resiliency.

When you are grieving from a recent loss it hurts to look at things that remind you of what you lost. If you liked walking on the tundra with your beloved one, even looking at the tundra can be painful and can trigger a release of the well of tears that is building up behind your eyes that begins from the heart.

But you still love the tundra, our wonderful giftladen land that we love so much.

Why is grief so painful? Because it is linked to love. How much you love directly correlates to how deep and how intense your grief will be. But that should not deter us from loving as much as we are able to. In fact, freely share your kindness as much as you can and want to!

Dear friends, we hope that you are doing good and are working hard and that all your hopes and dreams are coming along as planned. Quyana for your prayers and for persevering with us through the good times and the not so great. Thank you so much.