Those in recovery need stability and safety

by Peter Twitchell

I liked the idea of the Therapeutic Court program for offenders and disadvantaged due to chemical additions like alcohol.

I have never been in TC program but know in my heart that it is a healing program designed for recovery from the craziness of drugs and alcohol addictions. Anyone who is in recovery needs a stable and safe environment.

Take for example of “Oxford House,” the concept of those recovering living under the same roof. This affords people who have been struggling with the addiction to drugs and alcohol to live together, supporting and encouraging each other.

Remember there is strength in numbers and those of us who are in recovery need support from others, that is how we come to be strong and independent ourselves, no longer depending on chemicals like alcohol to cope with life.

Coping with everyday life depends on having a clear and present mind. We can start to pick up the pieces of our lives that have been neglected and fallen to the wayside, like our values, and everything that comes with them.

These are very important to our recovery like becoming responsible and accountable to ourselves. We do this by focusing ourselves to our well-being, understanding our greatest foe – fear.

Fear is a friend, because then we can monitor ourselves. What is it that we are afraid of? Perhaps not being able to put our lives back together, just like a puzzle. Because, when alcohol is our strength it fails us terribly.

When we drink to get drunk, we begin having many shortfalls and we are misled by the EGO down the road to self-destruction, and that is why we need to be in a safe home. If we want sobriety more than anything else, we have to be with others who are sober, we can’t be hanging out with people who are still using.

The concept of a safe home will bring us back to sanity. This is a good foundation if you desire sobriety in your life, and that is why I like Therapeutic Court program, we are given that once in a lifetime opportunity to correct ourselves to stay sober.

When we become sober, we begin to enjoy life to its fullest. If we stick to the program we will begin to see the benefits of living a sober life. More and more doors open to us, including jobs, new sober friends who want to help you and they become an important part of our lives, a strong support network of sober individuals who really care about you and your welfare.

So, while you are getting ready to transition back into the community to stand on your own two feet and deal with life day to day remember all your efforts to get sober haven’t been in vain.

Starting your new life in a “safe house” is important, take it to heart, it pays off in great dividends! Being with your family becomes fun again. Working for a living gives you a great feeling in your heart that you are contributing to the welfare of your family, your community and your tribe.

Once we leave the dark journey in our life, we begin to genuinely enjoy being with our kids again, our relationships with others become more meaningful. We have peace of mind, love, joy and happiness in our hearts again. Love conquers all, and meaning and being self-aware of who we are lights our way and our loved ones. Our puzzle is complete.