Thomas Paul Oscar Sr. – Cakayak Nov. 2, 1940 – Dec. 2, 2018

We are all under the care of Ellarpiim Yua, who sees all and knows all. Cakayak grew up in the traditional village of Tununak, preceded by his parents “Papangluaq” Joseph Oscar Sr. and “Unangik” Jane Oscar.

While Cakayak grew up in Tununak, he hunted and fished for his family and shared with relatives. Every summer herring fish would be drying, swaying in the wind and sun on the shoreline of Tununak coast.

He followed the traditions brought down to him through Joseph and his elders. A history given through eons of generations. The knowledge of family, love, subsistence, sharing, peace and harmony. To live as one people. To show God his message of love among one another.

Cakayak is now with all his loved ones that have since passed away to be with our Lord God in Heaven.

Thomas P. Oscar Sr. was born November 2, 1940 in Cevtaq, AK and passed away peacefully on December 2, 2018. Thomas was proud to say he served as a Staff Sargent for the National Guard in Alaska. He earned seven (7) awards during his military service, where he retired with honors.

Thomas also served as a Deacon for the Catholic Church in Tununak for several years. He knew construction and one summer he built a wooden boat and extended their home in Tununak. He worked as a heavy equipment operator for IRA council in Tununak.. He also ran a small grocery store in their home for the community.

When the family moved to Bethel in 1995, he was a ground crew for ACE Cargo and Mark Air and a custodian for Bethel High School from which he retired.

He enjoyed watching his sons, Thomas Jr. (Angulluaq), Xavier (Inaqaq), and Harry (Kakgar) play city league basketball and never missed a game. I remember when we won our games I would look at him and mom, they both acknowledged with a smile. We also liked watching NBA and rooted for his favorite team, the Chicago Bulls.

He greeted people with a smile and you could not help but smile back. To our family he was a friend and forgiving father. He was the guide whenever we went on long journeys to go salmon berry picking, fishing and hunting.

We would like to say thank you to our Mom, Isabel, for she was patient, loving and compassionate, and it showed. You were there from the beginning to the end. Through his stay at the hospital, staying right by his side, until the last day.

Thomas is survived by his wife, Isabel; sister Lucy Egan; brothers David, John, Jimmy, and Joseph Jr.; his sons and their families: Thomas Jr. and Angela Oscar, Xavier and Emma Oscar, and Harry and Hilda Oscar; grandchildren Ayisha, Keagan, Chelsea, Marcus, Britney, Briana, Payton, Cherilyn, Damon, Hilary, and Salena; and great granddaughter Analeigha Cameron.

Thomas is preceded in death by his parents Jane and Joseph Oscar Sr.; children Harry the 1st, Thomas Jr. the 1st, Xavier the 1st, Rosemary, and Caroline Oscar; best friends Ian Usugan, and Henry Inaqaq (Ataat).

Our family, like all others, grew as a family. Dad, you have brought us together to show that we, as family, are strong. It was a long road and we wish it could have been longer. You lived your life and will be remembered by the times we smiled and laughed. For all of Thomas’s family and friends, let us rejoice that he has walked through heaven’s gates to see our beloved ones. We love you and miss you always.

The Oscars wish blessings to the Bethel VFW, Department of Veterans Affairs in Anchorage, Legacy Funeral Homes, BNC, AVEC, ONC, Calista Corporation, Alaska Commercial Co., the City of Bethel, Faulkner & Walsh Construction, Bethel Catholic Church, family, friends, volunteers and generous donation from our friends. All the great cooks too!