There is no need to speed

by Peter Twitchell

I’m glad the Bethel Police Department is alert to speeders in Bethel. Our roads are in poor shape and dangerous. I’ve been in older cabs that bounce around and bottom out after going over a heave in the road.

There is really no need to speed, especially in Bethel. 15 miles of road, we’re still going to get to where we’re going. Speeding poses a couple hazards, first and foremost is the inability to control a 2 ton vehicle, it’s like a speeding bullet.

The other is something that callers to KYUK’s Talkline have been commenting on and that is all the dust that is created. It is unhealthy for vehicles and people. With all the dust that is kicked up, we don’t know what we’re exposed to, besides dust mites, and who knows what diseases are airborne.

The state is good at dumping tons of dirt to make our roads safer in the winter, but they don’t have the means or the money to dust our roads which is sad.

I just returned from Anchorage where there was no dust and I went up to Wasilla, Palmer area where dust was absent. Clean air in synonymous with Alaska, the “Last Frontier.”

There are a lot of pedestrians out and about many with baby carriages and we need to be aware of keeping everyone safe on the road. I really have appreciated drivers who are courteous and slow down around pedestrians to try to keep the dust down, some would care less.

Those who speed should get out of their vehicles and walk, and maybe the next time they will be careful not to speed and kick up dust where pedestrians are walking.

Drive carefully, drive defensively and watch out for the other guy. Have a safe summer.