There is hope in dreams

by Greg Lincoln

Us, collectively, as a human race, share this condition called grief. But yet, when it befalls you, it feels like you are the only one. Why? Because your world, your very existence shatters and the only thing that you can think about is why me.

There is no hospital or medication or treatment that can cure the grief that comes with losing a loved one that is your own flesh and blood. Being human, we are not immune to grief. And even in nature there is grief.

Will we spend the rest of our lives searching for that cure? There is none on earth that exists, only in the supernatural. Our dreams confirm this. How much hope can we put in dreams? Very much.

If we could walk around and see with eyes that can see the hidden invisible grief burdens that we carry, how much more compassionate would we be?

We wish you all the strength that you need to continue on, we are with you on this path so don’t give up.

Even though we bear the tremendous load that comes with bereavement grief, we can still strive to continue on being the person that we were before our lives were changed. The reason is we have others who need us and depend on us for anything and everything.

There is so much to do and there is no time to waste.

Being close to others helps. There will be others who understand what you are going through because they too have gone through it also. This fact can evoke feelings of empathy and a kind of understanding. To those who have experienced this type of grief you can ask those questions that have been constantly swirling around in your thoughts. You may find comfort in their responses because they want to help you in your great time of need.

We continue to visit the resting place of our beloved where we pray to our Lord. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and the gifts you have brought there out of your love for her. We feel your love and we also feel your sadness. Thank you for being a friend. It is enough to make us smile even through the tears.

Prayers friends.