The soothing sounds of nature

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Our villages are our homes, despite the hardships and difficulties that we may experience, there is no other place that we would rather be. Nature and all of the natural gifts of the land and sea are all around us. A person just has to walk a little ways to be surrounded by beautiful tundra and the singing of birds. It sounds like a jungle of the sweetest birdsong right there in our backyard.

This reminds me – a couple years ago I made some recordings of nature sounds during the twilight hours and was able to catch birdsong after birdsong, a dog barking, and the very interesting croaking of our little tundra frogs. The night was calm and the sounds were soothing, familiar, and comforting.

These soothing sounds, especially ones that you are familiar with, can be used to help you ease into that pleasant restful lull. If you try to listen to something unfamiliar (for example for us – crickets, coqui frogs, mosquitoes, street traffic, or thunder), it may just make you annoyed or irritated and makes you wish that more harder for the sounds of home. The comforting sounds of the tundra help our bodies to unwind in a healthy way.

This is part of the reason why every person feels that connectedness to their homeland. The land of their birth, the land of their ancestors, the beautiful God-chosen land that was made just for you wherever you are from.

Nature walks for some are an everyday habit. Even our pets love going out. It is one of their most favorite things to do. Artists through their talents have captured the beauty of nature on their canvases and through photos, but nothing beats going out into the real thing.

This week will be the date of our beloved’s birthday, the day she was brought into the world, and she became our world. What have we done to deserve such a gift? We don’t get to choose our parents, only God can do that, and He gave us the most precious gift made just for us and for our family. And oh how she enjoyed the beauty of nature, she was an avid nature hiker. Even now today she is inspiring us.

For that we are so thankful. Thankful and grateful beyond words. What words can ever describe this feeling? Our daughter is forever with us in thought, in heart, in spirit, in sleep and in consciousness, in all that we do, and in all that is yet to come.

Friends and fellow nature lovers, quyana for your prayers that have kept us uplifted through our journey. You have been with us through the good times and the sad, quyana many times.