The Roses of Andreafski Girls Club helps neighbor

The Roses of Andreafski helped elder John Elia Sr. by fundraising to purchase a new chainsaw for him. (Photo courtesy of Sylvia Nerby)

The Roses of Andreafski Girls Club was approached by a concerned citizen who was worried about an elder in town whose chainsaw was taken from his porch. They wanted to know if the Roses could help. Yes we can!! was the answer. The Girls baked goodies one night and held a raffle the next night to help purchase the chainsaw. They met our goal and made extra to cover the cost of purchasing the goodies to bake.

“We all met above his house and we all walked to bring it to him,” wrote Sylvia Nerby. “We didn’t know he was standing by his truck and when he saw us coming he started to walk away. We called to him and told him how we all ended up here today. He said he still hasn’t found his saw and he hasn’t ordered one yet. When we showed him the saw with his name he was all smiles. He thanked everyone and had his picture taken with the girls.”

The Roses of Andreafski are: Laurita Nerby, Makenna Beans, Alieah Stevens, Ashley Tinker, Michelle Andrews, Glenda Andrews, Serenity Jenkins, Cameron Jenkins, Cameron Tinker, Maelena Prince, Isabelle Westdahl, Isabella Peterson, Richelle Sipary, and Maelyn Westdahl.

Thank you for all who donated for this to happen: Sophie Beans, Janelle Lamont, Dee Ivanoff, Pam Tweto, Nuka Westdahl, Emmonak Women’s Shelter and the Catholic Church. Quyana cakneq!!