The many truths in our lives

Courtesy photo by Michelle DeWitt

by Elena Aluskak

I love this photo… I love it because it is a great tool to expound on and understand many truths in our lives. I am wondering the photographer had no significant purpose to take it, maybe it struck out as something eye catching and extraordinary, OR did it mean more to the beholder than what I am assuming?

The salmon in this photo are very visibly in distress; they are barred from moving forward to their goal. They have been flowing on with a purpose until they came upon this barrier – that was also constructed with intent, perhaps to feed another source?

The barrier was constructed very craftily and with cunning concentration. After all, there has to be a way for this other source to survive. And the salmon (in this photo) can’t very well go back… it is the cycle of this fish to swim on to complete their role as placed by the Creator. In other words, this barrier is an obstruction – a complete disruption to a cycle that should have been a significant part of their lifecycle.

Let’s get a bit more creative with this photo, shall we? Let’s look at this from a different angle by placing ourselves as those salmon; confused, distressed, oppressed, unhappy, detached, lost, stuck, violated, abused, tired… you name it – any negative feeling… there seem to be no way out. It feels like there is no air to breathe. The proximity of others is way too close, it is negatively intoxicating.

Staying in one miserable place is very unhealthy. It can even be fatal. The very environment is creating a chaotic sense of helplessness… because everyone around you is also striving to survive… in their own way.

There are many, many barriers to healing and good health in our lives; some are put up with personal reasons, others by choice, but most often a result of another barrier. There are a lot of others that are placed by ignorance and misunderstanding. I feel the latter intends to stand out in the “minority” groups and we ALL are minorities… in my opinion.

Some barriers are created to keep a cycle going; a financial sustenance, for certain groups to remain always at the top OR at the bottom (intentionally?), to obtain superiority, for control, etc., in all of this… a cycle of despair can endure, and we all know what that looks like.

We know when a person is on the ‘wrong’ side, there are many issues that arise and most often create a ripple effect… enough to cause generational misery and anguish (as some might say).

Barriers as described above are put up in work places, in faith-based systems, through governmental mandates, through set guide lines, by law, in legal systems, schools, you name it… it is there. Any block that will keep a person/people from well-being and wholeness is a destruction and disruption.

In this photo, we can also see beyond the barrier. It is flowing with healthy, clean water. It looks like it is life giving. Free to be. It is naturally cleansing – as it should. It seems like one is able to move along with no restraint. That is where these fish are yearning to be to fulfill their destiny by instinct – placed by a higher power, but they cannot reach it because of this barrier.

Our cultural and traditional methods of healing and wellness are like that of this photo, it is visibly there, it has always been there… many times feeling like it is on the other side of a barrier. There is no other manner that will provide the wholesome technique other than what has already been in place; for all groups of people. There is a flowing process that leads a people to a level of comfort, peace, happiness when a system of relevant, recognized care is utilized. On the contrary, when another’s system of care is forced upon a people, it leads to what is visible in this photo, and it does not look good.

Let us strive to continue and piece out and put aside the barriers. Let us continue to move forward as we are placed …by our Creator. Let us discontinue following along like helpless people… lest we should all run against that wall of total wipe out.

Elena Aluskak; Moses, Mosessa, Olinka (Dennis), Nicole (Jonathan), Carl (Alberta), Shaden, John, Alyssa, Vaughn, Darren, Adrianna, Nicholas, Ava, Max, Carson and Amelia.

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