The Kuskokwim Postseason Salmon Survey Project Bethel Update

by Janessa Esquible

Waqaa! Orutsararmiut Native Council (ONC) will begin conducting subsistence salmon harvest surveys on Sunday, October 11. There will be 6-8 ONC local fisheries technicians conducting harvest surveys around Bethel. All technicians will wear personal protective equipment (E.g. masks or face shield) as well as maintain a minimum of 6 feet social distance during all interactions with the public. ONC technicians will ask randomly selected head of households whether they are comfortable doing a short 1-2-minute subsistence salmon harvest survey. For those who are not comfortable doing the survey in-person, there is an option to complete a mail-in survey or an online survey. Our technicians will respect the wishes of the households we visit. Our staff will remain in respectful compliance of community travel guidelines and adhere to COVID-19 best practices.

Project incentives include:

•Being entered into a cash raffle

•Dry fish power sticker

•Fishing gloves

•Coffee packet

If you have any pressing concerns or questions, please contact Janessa Esquible @ 907-545-2776 or [email protected] ,Chris McDevitt @ 907-987-6663 or [email protected]

For the most current updates on the survey project, please take a look at our Facebook page:

Quyana cakneq for your participation!