The kindness of strangers

by Peter Twitchell

Recently I was at a grocery chain store here in Wasilla. Upon checking out I searched my pockets, my card clasp, and my wallet for the discount card. My total purchases were $32 for food, sanitizing products, and Easter gift.

When the checker had rung up my store purchases I told them that my store purchases discount card was not on me and I couldn’t locate it at which point the checker said, “Your groceries have been checked and paid for by the lady behind you, you are checked in, free to go.”

I felt a wave of embarrassment sweep over me.

I told the lady behind me who had paid for my groceries that I had the money to pay for my purchases when she said, “Taken care of, go.” She motioned me on and I said, “May God bless you.”

Today while shopping in Anchorage I saw and heard a shopper tell the store clerk, “I don’t know why my card is not being accepted. My account has money in it but it’s not being approved on my card.”

The shopper told the checker at the counter I am going to the ATM to get some money and upon returning said, “I couldn’t get funds out of my account to pay for my groceries I have to talk to the bank to see what is wrong.”

The shopper then said, “I’m going to remove the meat and the sausage and see if my card will go through.”

Still the shopper’s card was not approved. There was a husband and a wife. The wife wanted to pay for the shopper’s groceries including her meat. The husband told the shopper with a smile, “We’re paying for your groceries.”

I thought for a moment – I witnessed two angels or creator God himself in front of me assisting the shopper with her purchase of groceries.

I thought and then in my mind said to the Almighty Creator God, “You have manifested your love in front of me today, as you did a few days ago when a stranger helped me pay for my $32 in groceries.”

I pray Almighty God that you will bless the husband and his wife who showed a stranger unconditional love and caring for her well-being.

Now I myself must carry on the kindness and love shown to me by a total stranger when she paid for my groceries just a couple days earlier. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for the wonders that you bestow upon mankind every day.

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