The Golden Years

by Peter Twitchell

For decades Yupiaq people of the AVCP-Calista Region were considered by the western world as being poor. Still today they say 25 percent of our people are living in poverty and unemployment.
In these modern times it is very clear our people are living better than in previous years. We are healthier in terms of fighting off deadly illnesses and dealing and treating the scourge of alcohol and drug abuse.
Our people are emerging as leaders in the world today. Look at our Secretary of State – a native woman and leader of our people!
Back in 1972 my uncle Tim Twitchell tried with all his enthusiasm to convince me to switch my Calista shares to CIRI. I would not, and I told my uncle, “I like Calista – they work for me.”
I’m so happy, they have lived up to their name for you and for me! The proof is when I receive my much needed Calista Corporation “Elders Check”.
ANCSA had a provision for our regional native corporations to select native lands for economic development! I thank God for Calista Corporation, Kuskokwim Corporation, and Donlin Gold for partnering up and are responsibly developing plans for a gold mine and other minerals.
Finally, I realize what the western world meant – “The Golden Years”.