The gift of encouragement

Photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

This weekend we enjoyed seeing many of our loved ones from villages across the YK delta at the 1A tournament held here in Bethel. We have looked forward to it every year since it is a great time for us to catch up and visit with our relatives and friends who we sometimes only see once a year.

We also get to cheer for our student athletes and that usually includes our hometown teams.

There is something remarkable about being in that atmosphere – the crowd, the sea of cheering fans, the smell of concession foods, the happy greetings, and the smiles. It lifts our hearts up and makes us happy.

A year ago, at this same time, it was a difficult thing to do – to go and do what we had to do, but we did it. This year there is a marked difference, it is more easier, not in the least unbearable, even to the point where we feel the anticipation of something like excitement. We feel a sense of accomplishment, thank you friends. We have come so far with your help and that is a good feeling.

We have been impressed with the sportsmanship and fair play among the athletes. Even on the court we saw players laughing and smiling with each other from opposing teams during a free throw or a break in action. Our teams that go on to the tournament in Anchorage have been recognized for their great sportsmanship at the state level. That is something to be proud of parents and coaches.

Watching these games is like taking a break from reality. Time flies on by and we almost seem to forget all the cares and worries of the daily grind. It is like a vacation without even going anywhere.

Kelly would like to thank everyone for the kind greetings and hugs. A hug is many things – it shows your love, your kindness, that you care, and that you are there for us. Hugs where you don’t want to let go too soon, where you want to hold on as long as you possibly can, where you can say whatever you want to say to the other person and only they can hear. A hug is full of trust, hope, and love.

Quyana for your encouragement. We love to hear what you have been up to and what your plans are. Thank you for the prayers of healing for our family. Let us not let our prayers run short for those who are sad, sick, grieving, suffering from something, anything. To say a prayer is another great gift we can give to each other.