The enjoyment of snow-free roads

by Peter Twitchell

I’ve been watching with astonishment how the Anchorage roads and side roads have been plowed after a week of heavy snow. We’ve got huge piles of snow here about 50 inches so far this winter! Not once have I seen one driveway with a berm of snow. The grader comes along and clears the snow and never leaves a pile of snow in front of your driveway for you to shovel!
After 50 years for total of 62 years on Watson’s Corner I never shoveled once in front of our house here in Anchorage. Imagine how many tons of snow I’ve cleared in that time!
Truck load after truck load of snow has been plowed by a large fleet of dump trucks and relocated elsewhere, but thanks to those men and women who help with snow removal – we are able to function and carry on where we live.
It is never easy as it seems, but we have what we are allotted by the state, and sometimes we don’t have very much say when it comes to money to maintain our roads.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a memorable experience living in Bethel as long as I did and I don’t regret one moment of life in southwest Alaska. That is where my roots are, and I’ll miss the Kuskokwim River come summer. It has given me longevity and provided our families with subsistence foods long as I can remember and long before that.
I plan to go and dip fish this summer where we’re allowed to. I’m looking forward to a great summer, minus all the dust of Bethel, but need to prepare for all the pollen from the birch trees here. This is minor to the beauty of the mountains, hills and streams here. Have a super spring and great summer of fishing and gathering.
I’ll be getting a car soon, but also look forward to riding the Electric Bus around town and the Alaska Railroads trains, to see all the sights. The road system is wonderful and affords us access to places far as Fairbanks and beyond to the Lower 48.
Planning a trip to Las Vegas here soon, and just in case I don’t see you anytime soon, Happy Easter! Remember He is the reason for the season, and give my best regards to all my friends and family there. Piurci.