The benefits of hard work

by Peter Twitchell

I’ve never said publicly how proud I am of my two sons David and Danny and my daughters Saranne and Suzi and all their accomplishments at their young ages.

They have worked hard to help their mother at home clean, sanitize, and do their household chores the best they could when they were growing up, without grumbling I might add!

As the boys got older they would help their Dad doing janitorial work around Bethel, emptying trash at KYUK Radio Television station, and again, never hesitated in doing what had to be done.

I told my children more than once and their mother backed me up on this, “No one gives you money if you don’t work,” and they worked hard to earn every penny they worked for and conform to the standards expected of them to one day live comfortably and happily. They support their own families and pay mortgages on their homes.

They are a success story in my own life and I have never yet been disappointed as they’ve grown to be responsible young adults, raising their own families.

I learned by observing my Dad who was a commercial fisherman and a fur trapper all his life. He made sure there was always wood and fuel in the stove to heat our home.

Dad also operated the Twitchell Mercantile store throughout the 50s and early 60s. He also operated two trading posts in the villages of Akiak and Kasigluk.

I was proud of my Dad, David Twitchell – a provider and Mom was too.

Thank you to all who have dedicated their lives and made sacrifices in their lives to raise their families up to be decent hard-working men and women. Congratulations for your successful contributions in our communities in our State of Alaska.

We are not perfect human beings with our own faults and shortcomings but the bottom line was we worked hard, we were a good example for our children and never giving up that hope for a better future in their lives in our efforts. Our families benefited greatly.

Thank you Almighty Creator God, we give you the glory for giving us peace and for loving us unconditionally through our trials and lows in life. We can rejoice and give you all the glory for never giving up on us. Amen.

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