The beauty of nature in grieving

by Greg Lincoln

When I close my eyes, I envision the moments that we spent with you. And although memory can sometimes be fuzzy, when I think of you it is as clear as the beautiful tundra sky.

Every day without you is an incomplete day. Nothing but you can fill the wound hole in our hearts. We think of our future grandchildren and wonder if any of them will be like you, but that doesn’t count because they are not you. They will be their own little person, a wholly different being. And yet we still hope to see a glimpse of you in them that are to come sometime in our future.

Is that okay, to think like that?

Sometimes while we are amidst our grieving for our loved ones a thought will come into our mind that causes us to want to weep. While we weep, it is only up to us to know when we are done and can stop. If we try to stop before it is time, it makes it much more harder to do. The calm after is almost peaceful, but still sad. It is relieving but just for a moment.

There are times when we want to grieve outwardly, and there are times we would rather not. Grief should not be suppressed for too long, it needs an outlet.

Grief outlets are therapeutic. And since each one of us is different, our grief outlets will be different. It is whatever makes you feel happy.

And during grieving we also have times when we feel the opposite of sadness when we think of our loved ones and all the happy memories we made together. Sometimes we will laugh as we remember those funny moments when we were one and whole.

Even with the passing of time the places that we once visited, or lived at, or are significant in some way to us will always be there even if buildings change, or things get moved – the ground and the air are still there.

Some of the places that we went to together have not changed, including the tundra that we love so much. Some of the lakes have higher waters, and some of the little lake islands have disappeared but it is still the same place where we had fun living life, exploring, breathing the clean fresh air.

Those places grieve along with us in silent lament. I like to think that nature is sensitive to our emotions. Nature was made by our Creator for us to love and enjoy and when we gaze in utter amazement at that breathtaking sunset, we know that it was made just for us.

This week we have been blessed with fresh fish from your generous sharing. Quyana to you who have shared your bounty with us, it is Kelly’s favorite. Sharing is a special form of kindness and we are blessed! Quyana!