The American Flag

The 5th graders from Gladys Jung Elementary took part in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary American Flag Poetry and Essay Contest back in March. The entries were all handwritten original pieces about the American Flag showing patriotism and pride in our country. In honor of Independence Day, here are several of the essays.

Veterans and our flag by Drini Pellumbi

Brave and Tall

Peace for all

13 Stripes

50 Stars

Red, White, and blue

We fight with you

thank you for

All you do.

Our flag is an important part of America. It represents freedom, purity, perseverance and justice for all. It was made by Betsy Ross, who first made the American flag with 13 Stars for the 13 colonies. Robert G. Heft created the American flag with 50 stars. The 50 stars are on blue which stands for perseverance and justice, on the top left corner. There are seven red stripes which stand for hardiness and valour, and 6 white stripes which stand for purity and innocence. The American Flag to me means that we can all have freedom, for all of us to wake up safe and to all have equal rights. Everyday we honor veterans who past on and who are still here with us. They are all noble brave courageous and strong. We always show pride and perseverance for our veterans and we honor them in every way. We thank them for dedicating there life to all of us.


Our Flag The American Flag by Lena Lamont

The American Flag is a

symbol of our lovely

country, red white and

blue we solute to you.

To the bravery of our

country you are our

heroes, which makes us proud to be an


50 stars, 13 stripes,

Our pride and liberty,

you fought for us,

that’s what makes you

a true hero to all.

Your bravery and sacrafices,

which makes you valuable to America,

you make us feel proud to be American,

Thank you for bravery to all.


Our Flag by Ellis Johnson

Our Flag stands for Freedom, Which is independence and that is the Freedom to make our own choices, To live our dreams, to choose the religon we want to believe in. We can also grow up to be The hero we’ve always wanted to be. We have the freedom to say what ever we want to say.

Our Women are free to make whatever decision they want to. They can have whatever life they want to live. They can vote for who they think suits them best. Thats why I solute to the Red, White and blue.


American Flag by Hannah Howell

Oh the American Flag, the red, white, and blue, we gave up our lifes for you, you are freedom to the United States. Now don’t think me wrong, you were the last one standing and the only one standing thats why we sallute to you.


The American flag by Jordan Klejka

The American flag means to me that we have hope. We can walk alone and not feel harmed or scard. 50 stars on the flag for each amazing State. We are strong. The Statute of liberty stands high. With our eagle right next to it. Kindness, Honesty, Acceptance, Friend ship these are some of the words that make up the american flag. It gives us hope.


Our Flag by Vjosa Pellumbi

I’m proud to

be an American

thank you all veterans

50 stars 13 stripes

we unite with all

I’m proud to be

an American thank you

all veterans you

have courage and

strength and you stand

for our country

Our country is

a safe nation

from your heroism and

sacrifices so…

I’m proud to

be an American

thank you all veterans

your bold and strong

and you fight with all

thanks to you our

country has peace to all!


The Ladies Auxiliary Bethel Post in appreciation to Mrs. Jill Hoffman’s 5th graders, hosted a pizza and rootbeer float lunch party for the class. Everyone had fun, said Margaret Guinn, the VFW Post 10041 Auxiliary Chairman.