Thank you from the Family of Carl Flynn

We, the parents and families of Carl Joseph Flynn, continue to give thanks to Jesus for the Bethel Search and Rescue teams and volunteers for all your efforts in trying to find our Boyaq. We thank you all including those from Bethel and from the surrounding villages. There’s no other words to express our gratitude. So many caring friends and relatives came to comfort us and brought food to share. Even from the Anchorage area and outside who all sent donations and food – quyana cakneq from the bottom of our hearts!

We were told to share what our ten year old grandson had seen up in the sky. He saw three angels and our Boyaq was first. Our relative confirmed it saying her sister saw them also from her house at Tundra Ridge. God heard everyone’s prayers for mercy on the boys. Even our sister in-law Elizabeth’s granddaughter dreamt of Boyaq and his cousin Gloria together with Jesus. Quyana Agayun!

The memorial service was held at the Catholic Church on October 22, 2022. We thank the Bethel Moravian Church choir, Flora and Mary, Olga and Rachel for all their beautiful songs – so very touching. Quyana to all who attended to share condolences and to everyone who brought food for the feast. God’s blessings to you all.

-From the Flynn Family