Thank you for your support

Regarding, Charlie Don Spud Sr.:

Mr. Spud’s three children, eight grandchildren and three great-grand children would like to thank, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Seebold, Barbara Amos & Children, Mr. & Mrs. James Whitman, Adam Whitman and Suzanne Whitman, NVM, Mekoryuk Search & Rescue, VPSO Jones & AST, Mekoryuk Covenant Church, Mekoryuk Clinic Staff, Quinhagak Village Corporation, LKSD, Army National Guard, Ryan Air, RAVN Alaska, Kehl’s Legacy, Nima Corporation, Calista Corporation, CVRF, The City of Mekoryuk & The Community of Klukwan.

Furthermore we would like to express our gratitude to Uncle Fred & Family; Auntie Irene & Family; Auntie Dorothy & Family; Uncle Sam & Family; and Auntie Rose & Family.

Quyana to the individuals who contributed and prepared the potluck food, those who assisted with the burial site, making the cross, and those who brought flowers.

Thank you to all who supported us during our time of Loss. Respectfully…

The Spud Family & Blazer (AKA, Boo-Boo) Mekoryuk, AK

If any organization is going to provide Veterinary Services, they need to have a written authorization from our Tribe

I wanted to write this letter to our communities in Yukon Kuskokwim Delta on behalf of Akiak Native Community policy concerning providing health care to our dogs and cats in recent years.

We have had our dogs for thousands of years for transportation, hunting, fishing, getting wood and water for our homes. We could not afford to be without them and we wish to continue our cultural and traditional way of life without any interference.

Currently, we have been fortunate to have Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation to provide veterinary services such as rabies and other veterinary services, of which I have been a lay vaccinator for my village for decades. These vaccinations prevent diseases that are risk to public health. We know that we need to expand the services through our organization.

Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation is authorized to provide those services from our Tribal Government. Therefore, our policy has been that if any organization is going to provide the services, they need to have a written authorization from our Tribe. All groups or organizations wishing to come to our community must be vetted for the qualifications, purpose, funders, and affiliations to any group.

Since I have been involved with our local communities, I offer my personal traditional expert opinion to any community that wishes to do so.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mike Williams Sr. Akiak, AK

Protect the University of Alaska funding

We are proud alumni of the University of Alaska Fairbanks and are deeply concerned over the future success and viability of our state’s university system in light of Gov. Dunleavy’s proposed budget cuts.

The University of Alaska is a public trust and an investment in the future of Alaska. We believe that cuts to its funding, if any, must be limited. The university drives Alaska’s economy and is a valuable tool for improving the state’s future. Alaska simply cannot afford to lose its only public higher education system.

We are asking our representatives in state government to stand up for all Alaskans by protecting the University of Alaska and to exhibit the leadership and values that we have entrusted in you as your constituents.

Peter Van Flein, ’87, Seat 5, FNSB UAFAA President; Barbara Fujimoto, ’13, Seat 8, At-Large, UAFAA Vice President; Amanda Wall, ‘01 ’05, Seat 6, At-Large, UAFAA Treasurer; Libby Eddy, ’92, Seat 10, Outside, UAFAA Secretary; Rachel Laeusen, ’04, Seat 11, Municipality of Anchorage; Cindy Wright, ’88, Seat 9, Fairbanks; Tom Brice, ’90, Seat 7, Southeast; Forrest Kuiper, ’99 ’00 ’12, Seat 3, Fairbanks; Mary Beth Loewen, ’02 ’07, Seat 2, Southcentral; Shannon Johnson-Nanalook, ’11, Seat 1, Rural

Governance of navigable waters

I believe that the State Board of Fish should dissolve its right to govern people or sovereigns. It has no right to govern under international rights, only native people have rights to govern navigable waters.

Yakov Nicolai, Kwethluk, AK

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