Thank you for all that you do

by Greg Lincoln

If you are a dad, happy Fathers Day! And happy Summer Solstice.

Today we would like to reflect on fatherhood. Fathers, and mothers also, are to be revered and respected. They are the providers and protectors of the family. And they do amazing things – the jack-of-all-trades, knowing how to fix things around the home, hunting and fishing, and educating the next generation. They are our problem-solvers and the ones we go to for advice.

We also honor those single parents who are raising their families and keeping everyone together even during these difficult times we are in. You are brave and incredible and we are in awe of all that you do.

A parent is a precious thing, kids. Even though it may not seem so right now, as you grow older you will begin to realize how important your mom and dad are. No one on earth loves you more than they do.

Which brings us to our own Dad. He is advanced in age, but still enjoys his grandchildren. His greatest joy seems to be when he is around his grands, surrounded by all the youthful chatter and activity. He loves to converse with them and asks what they are up to. And he misses all of you who are living in other places. He beams with pride at even just the sight or mention of you. Happy Father’s Day to our Dad and Ap’a! Thank you for all you do for us and all that you’ve already done.