by Vicki Malone

Oral surgeon, Dr. Sashi, and dentist, Dr. Jen (Parameswaran and Wilson) met in college and took a big plunge (marriage) while they were living and working at YKHC dental in Bethel! Both have completed dental specialties since they married. This was their engagement announcement.

Second semester is starting early this year at KuC. All classes are distance on distance delivery by phone and internet, so anybody who has a phone connection and enough internet to upload assignments can jump right in there and use the last lap of the pandemic to learn something.

Jacqueline Tagaban, Assist. Professor of Early Childhood Development has taught distance classes for ten years. Tagaban says, “Heck, I had one student whose community was in lockdown most of last semester so she couldn’t get any computer access at all. She snail mailed her papers to me every week. It wasn’t ideal, but we made it work!”

Tagaban said young students wanting to teach Headstart, parents, grandparents and high school students have all taken her Principles and Practices course. “This is a wonderful introduction to child development and it’s a lot of fun too!”

Jaden Anaver, (see picture) took almost all of his classes by distance last semester. He was not able to return to his village to see his family until Christmas. Although he liked in person instruction better and missed his family, Anaver said he also likes staying in his own space while he Zooms or connects by phone. “It is all possible,” says Jaden, “to get an education during the pandemic.” His sister Kayla, a KuC alum, just returned to UAF, Fairbanks after Christmas.

Brittney Boney of Bethel, who recently graduated from the nursing program said, “Now is just the right time to start working on the prerequisites for the next nursing cohort.” Brittney spent two years taking all of the required courses. “At first, I was scared,” says Boney, “but I was amazed at the level of student support at KuC. Both instructors and tutors helped a lot.”

Money, money, money is always an issue, but there is some funding for part-time students and full time students. Both Dorothy Chase, Financial Aid, and Danny Nelson in Student Services can help with funding. Seniors citizens or anyone on social security can get tuition waivers.

Classes in Alaska Native languages, Anthropology, Communication, Early Childhood, Ethnobotany, Writing, Health, Math, Yup’ik Language, Yoga and many other areas are being offered this semester. See this link for full schedule and class descriptions: https://www.uaf.edu/bethel/files/student-services/KuC-Spring-2021-Schedule-A.pdf

KuC staff and faculty are standing by to help anyone who wants to dive in!


Jaden Anaver, from Kipnuk, has returned to Bethel as a full-time sophomore.
Sandra Abdiu signed up for Yoga this semester.
Recently graduated nurse, Brittney Boney, spent two years taking her prerequisite courses.
Also taking Yoga. Wants to look as juicy as Sandra Abdiu. Is signed up for Creative Writing.


Asst. Prof. Jacqueline Tagaban brings her years of study and cross-cultural experience to Early Childhood classes. 
Assoc. Prof Ben Kuntz returned to Bethel this year with a Master’s in Fine Arts and is teaching writing classes.
Dorothy Chase, Financial Aid Officer for KuC. Call her for funding.  543-4500. May be able to help for part-time students also.
Danny Nelson, Student Services Tech., can be reached at 543-4505 to register and provide academic counselling. [email protected]