Red-necked Grebe Aayuli/Aarayuli

by Frank Keim The Yup’ik names of the Red-necked grebe describe this bird well. Both of the above names mean, “the one that really knows how to moan and scream loud.” Yes, indeed, they are […]

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When We Lose a Loved One: The Things That Kept Job

by Tad Lindley There were ten caskets at the funeral. Ten bodies carried to the cemetery. Ten fresh graves and ten new gravestones. They were the seven sons and three daughters of Job and his […]


Misophonia or Personality Disorder?

by Dr. Lorin Bradbury Question: There are days when my wife can’t stand the sound of me chewing. Some days it doesn’t seem to bother her, and at other times, she will scream at me […]