Support for Sattler, Kanuk, Don

This year, I’ll be supporting Anna Sattler, William Kanuk and Wayne Don for the Calista Corporation Board of Directors.

They will ensure the highest ethical and competency standards for the key leaders that are responsible for growing the Corporation including Calista’s subsidiaries. Anna Sattler, William Kanuk, and Wayne Don have a history of community service and they possess the leadership qualities I can trust.

I believe if we collectively vote for these candidates, we are allowing for Calista to move forward in a more positive direction. In my exchange with some of them, if elected, they will work towards unity, profitability and transparency in a productive way.

Let’s vote for those who will enable Calista to reach it’s potential and we, as shareholders, can an expect a return on investment, as well as improved and increased shareholder value with an adequate share in dividends and benefits. Quyana.

Loren Peterson, Anchorage, AK

Vote for Guy and Evan

I am writing to endorse Calista candidates Paul George Guy (George) and Johnnie Evan.

Like you, I value honesty and transparency first. Next, I appreciate the benefits shared with me as a shareholder of Calista.

George and Johnnie prove their honesty and transparency with respect toward all shareholders. And their Yup’ik values are strong. This is shown in their respect of people and the environment by not only fighting for but practicing subsistence and with their families.

I also value dividends and the many other benefits provided to shareholders. They help us pay for gas, food and many other costs we face.

George and Johnny helped make this possible by showing good business decisions. They put shareholders first and consider future generations when making decisions to provide dividends and growing Calista.

George and Johnny fight for shareholders. Please join me in voting for George and Johnny by choosing Option 1 on the voting form.

John Angaiak, Homer, AK

Staff members planning to move after this school year

Following this 2018-2019 school year, there are quite a few teachers who will be moving out of Bethel. These teachers include, but may not be limited to, Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Bastoky, Mr. and Mrs. Tolliver, Mr. Filhart, Ms. Nish, and Ms. Johnson.

Most of the teachers who are leaving are just looking for a change of scenery and something new. Mrs. Bastoky for example will be teaching at Mt. Edgecumbe next year. “The two things I’m most excited about are living someplace where people don’t move away all the time and, this one is a little more shallow, internet,” she said, while laughing.

Considering so many teachers will be leaving after this year, students should anticipate to have some new faces in the school next year; however, a couple of the replacements are expected to be current student-teachers. Ms. McGrath, who will be replaced by someone who is not from Bethel, said, “There will definitely be a time period where students have to get to know the new teacher and vice versa, but I think the transition will go smoothly with the new curriculum.”

The teachers that are leaving will surely be missed, but the school is making sure that we will have exceptional new teachers in their place. Though some students may be a little upset about some staff members moving, it seems that everything is planned so that the experience will go well.

Sydney Gray, BRHS, Bethel, AK

Speak up Warriors! BRHS presents a series of anti-bullying assemblies

Last week (May 2nd, 2019), Keith Deltano, a motivational speaker, came to our school for an anti-bullying assembly. Grades 7-12 attended across different days.

Keith addressed bullying with serious comedy, using humor as a way to not only appear relatable to the younger audience, but to engage the students and parents as well. He has performed for schools all across the country, ranging from elementary schools, all the way up to highschool. He has a tremendous amount of experience with children, as he is an award winning teacher.

During the assemblies, Keith addressed school cliques, cyber bullying, physical bullying, verbal bullying, teen gossip, and more. Audri Goodwine, a sophmore, said, “I think we have a lot of gossip surrounding our community, especially at school. Bullying though, I don’t see much of, which is pretty relieving because I hate seeing others sad.”

His topics vary depending on which age group he’s talking to. More lighter topics for the middle schoolers, and heavier for the high schoolers. Keith puts in a lot of passion to making sure he gets the message out. He said, “I love changing lives, I love the heavy stuff, when I meet a kid that’s hurt. Do you wanna know my favorite part of my show? It’s not the show, but the end, when I hang out with kids. That’s my favorite part about the whole process.”

Bullying is not right. If you are getting harassed in anyway, or if you know anybody that is being affected by it, speak up. Go to an adult you trust and talk with them. You should not be embarrassed for doing so, as it is the right thing to do. Speak up Warriors!

Alex Peltola, BRHS, Bethel, AK

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