Successful state land auction draws nearly $500,000 in bids

The Dunleavy Administration is fulfilling its promise to put “Alaska lands into Alaskans’ hands” with a successful fall auction of residential, recreational and agricultural land generating nearly half a million dollars in bids, Corri Feige, commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said today (Nov. 1st, 2019).

Ten Alaskans submitted $245,600 in winning bids on 13 parcels of residential and recreational land totaling 156 acres in statewide fall land auction #488. Three Alaskans submitted $246,300 in winning bids on three parcels of agricultural land totaling 393 acres in auction #487. DNR staff opened bids in Anchorage on Wednesday.

“The annual land auction has been so popular the governor directed the Department of Natural Resources to conduct a second auction this fall, which was clearly a success,” Feige said. “I am proud DNR could also offer agricultural land for sale, so that more land can go into production to help strengthen Alaska’s farming economy.”

“For many Alaskans, owning a piece of land is an important part of realizing their Alaska dream,” said Governor Michael J. Dunleavy. “It’s gratifying to see the public respond so positively to DNR’s variety of land sales programs, and I commend Commissioner Feige for her department’s responsiveness to the public’s needs.”

Starting Nov. 13, unsold parcels from Wednesday’s auction will join previously unsold parcels for sale to Alaskans and non-residents on an over-the-counter basis. The department offers competitive, in-house financing for land purchases. More information on auction results, listings of still-available land, full details on the purchasing process, and the chance to sign up for email notice of future land sales, are available at