Students enjoy Thanksgiving literacy success activities

Asst. Site Administrator Tina Cataldo reads a seasonal story to the children in attendance during Nunapitchuk’s Migrant Education Thanksgiving Family Night. In front is Angelina Alexie enjoying the story. Photo by Lonny Cruff

by Lonny Cruff

Nunapitchuk, AK – A new Migrant Ed coordinator, Malcolm Enoch, in Nunapitchuk has organized a variety of activities for pre-school and school-aged children to help them prepare for school, or help the kids who are already in school be more successful in their classrooms. During the week of Thanksgiving a number of literacy supporting activities were organized and several Anna Tobeluk Memorial School staff volunteered to assist as well. Judging by the level of participation, the parents and aunties and uncles and everyone who attended had as much fun as the kids!

William and April Cameron practice counting while making a snack cup of “Blessing Mix” during Nunapitchuk’s Migrant Education literacy activity night for preschool and school-aged children. Photo by Lonny Cruff
Angelina Alexie, a student from Nunapitchuk, smiles as she traces her hand to create the branches of the tree she’s making. Photo by Lonny Cruff
Two kids look up while listening to Asst. Site Admin. Tina Cataldo read a Thanksgiving story during Migrant Education activity night. Photo by Lonny Cruff