State of Alaska District Court in Bethel November 28 – December 21


Herman Frederick, 24 4th Degree Assault 30 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.

Diane Kusaiak, 34 5th Degree Criminal Mischief 10 Days, 1 Yr. Prob.

Bradley A. Amos, 40 Hunting Season and Bag Limits, Unlawful Possession Transportation of Game $1000, or 6 Mos. Prob.

Gerald Lake, 42 Reckless Endangerment 20 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Adam Snyder, 23 4th Degree Assault 1 Yr. Prob.

Grace Jimmy, 29 Disorderly Conduct $100

Howard McCann, 30 Disorderly Conduct $100

Betty Epchook, 24 4th Degree Assault, Resist/Interfere 120 Days, Arrest, 1st Degree Harassment 2 Yrs. Prob.

Oscar John David, 55 2nd Attempted Degree Sexual Abuse of Minor 3 Yrs., 15 Yrs. Prob.

Keith W. Andrew, 33 4th Degree Assault 1 Yr. Prob.

John W. Cleveland, 32 4th Degree Assault 150 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.

Won Jin Yang, 50 Selling Alcohol Without License 10 Days, 1 Yr. Prob.

Richard Kinegak, 36 4th Degree Assault 135 Days

Moses Anvil III, 36 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Earl Samuelson Jr., 39 2nd Degree Criminal Trespassing 1 Yr. Prob.

Probation violations

John W. Cleveland, 32 Violated Conditions of Probation 90 Days

Richard J. Kinegak, 36 Violated Conditions of Probation

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