State of Alaska District Court in Bethel December 12 – 23


Peter Wasili, 35 2nd Degree Attempted Indecent Exposure, Violate Conditions of Release4 Yrs., 5 Yrs. Prob.

Thomas Kinegak, 40 1st Degree Harassment 60 Days

Harold Richard Sipary, 20 4th Degree Assault 2 Yrs. Prob.

Ernest Phillip, 43 4th Degree Assault 1 Day, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Lucy Inakak, 37 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.

Dale Sallison, 25 4th Degree Assault, Violate Conditions of Release 60 Days, 2 Yrs. Prob.

Jeffery Gump, 44 4th Degree Assault 150 Days

Bosco Olson-Oaks III, 23 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.

Zack Peter, 29 Violate DV Protective Order 1 Yr. Prob.

Max E. Joseph Jr., 36 Alcohol Beverages Transported by Common Carrier $100

Martin J. Joe, 39 4th Degree Assault 6 Mos. Prob.

Eddie Ray Chuckwuk, 29 4th Degree Assault 60 Days, 1 Yr. Prob.

Sarah M. Spein, 27 2nd Degree Harassment 35 Hrs. CWS, 1 Yr. Prob.

Grant Robert Wells, 19 4th Degree Assault, 4th Degree Criminal Mischief, 4th Degree Theft 150 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.

Mary Long, 20 2nd Degree Harassment 35 Hrs. CWS, 1 Yr. Prob.

Gregory Tobeluk, 43 2nd Degree Harassment 1 Yr. Prob.

John Chief, 60 Violate Conditions of Release, 1st Degree Harassment, 4th Degree Assault 130 Days, 3 Yrs. Prob.

John E. Phillip, 61 4th Degree Assault 1 Yr. Prob.

Jarvis Henry Prince, 33 4th Degree Assault 138 Days, 1 Yr. Prob.

Probation violations

Thomas Kinegak, 40 Violated Conditions of Probation

Jeffery Gump, 44 Violated Conditions of Probation $100

John Chief Jr., 60 Violated Conditions of Probation 225 Days, $100

Eric Norman Andrew, 39 Violated Conditions of Probation 6 Mos. Prob.

Harold Richard Sipary, 20 Violated Conditions of Probation

Peter Wasili, 35 Violated Conditions of Probation 5 Yrs. Prob.

Brian Wassillie Fancyboy, 29 Violated Conditions of Probation 75 Days

Jeffrey Chingliak, 39 Violated Conditions of Probation

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