Start at the beginning

photo by Greg Lincoln

by Greg Lincoln

Last week we started talking about writing our thoughts down for ourselves, for our benefit. Have you considered starting a journal if you do not keep one already? Journalers sometimes get writers block, we have many times. It can be hard.
We have learned that journaling has health benefits. It boosts your immune system studies show. It has something to do with how keeping in pain, which is a negative feeling, can cause your immune system to not work or function properly.
For some, this pain does not diminish with time or with therapy. Although it can be covered with things, with layers of anything, it is still there as strong and as cutting as the second it became a part of your being.
Sometimes those layers can get peeled back to expose those deep unhealable wounds. Just looking at them makes you cringe because they look so awful, unspeakable, beyond all imagination and words. But you must stay strong. It goes back to making those decisions to keep going.
If you don’t like writing, just start at the beginning. When you read back what you wrote, you will hear your own voice and that will be very interesting to you. Even writing one or two words can be a start. Write a story about how you are connected to your loved ones, your friends, your pets.
Your honest expressions are yours to write. When you look back you will be amazed at how far you’ve come since that day. Always write the date even though time doesn’t matter at that moment, and because we sometimes lose track. It will be helpful later on
Some days, not all, we sometimes still see a person that reminds us of our beloved one. The way they walk, or how their hair falls, or just something subtle about them will remind us, like what they are wearing. Sometimes we will hear someone laughing, and parts of it will almost sound just like her. The sound of her voice has been imprinted upon our hearts, we can discern the most imperceptible resonant frequencies that most match her voice. When that happens, we listen to it over and over again, if that is possible.
You are the same way with your own loved ones and the people you are close to. Even now you can take a moment to imagine in your minds how someone sounds, you have that ability. It is not hard to do. You can replay their voice in the deep thoughts of your thinking and that brings you close to them. You have the ability to bring forth those precious voice memories, which are fragile, we don’t want to lose them.
Our young nieces and nephews bear strong resemblances to her. How precious they are and how nice it is to see them and to be around them. We tell them how much they remind us of our baby.
Missing someone you love is one of the most difficult hurts to bear. Prolonged everlasting yearning. Only when we sleep we have some sort of respite.
We are grateful to you all for helping us make it through each week of publishing. Thank you to our neighbors and friends for the endless favors, the greetings, for your steadfast loyalty and kindness. Let’s keep going forward and always remember to pray for others, even though they don’t know we are praying for them.