Sophie Olivia Hunt (Kameroff) July 15, 1929 – April 1, 1979

Sophie was born in Chaneliak to the late Jacob and Agnes Kameroff. Her siblings were: Big Unga Frank – D, Auntie Cecelia – D, Uncle Paul – D, Auntie Bernie – D, Uncle Edmond – D, and Uncle Tommy – D. The only ones living are Auntie Laurie and Auntie Alice, too many nieces and nephews, cousins to mention on her side.

She got married to our late Father Andrew Hunt Sr. on April 30, 1948. Altogether they had 16 children: Jacinta – D, Bibiana, 1st Anthony – D, Martin, Hilda – D adopted, Edna, Jacob – D, Zena adopted, Benjamin – D, Irene, Anthony, Jimmy, Elaine – D, Bernard – D, Andrew Hunt Jr., and Joseph.

She had like 58 or more grandchildren and 29 or more great grandchildren. (This is Irene writing this.) My daughter Sophie is named after her. I’d like to thank my Mom from the bottom of my heart for teaching me everything when I was young, thank you Mom. Love and still miss you. It’s been 40 years since you’ve been gone. Pray for us all, love you.

I’m having a 40 year feast for our mom on April 1st, 2019 at my late husband’s house, Pius G. Akaran. Everyone is welcome. Come and enjoy the food, laugh, cry, tell stories. The picture that’s on this page was taken either a month and a half or two months before she went to be with the Lord at 10:45pm on April 1st.

Please bring a dish if you can, it would be helpful. Quyanarpak. Thank you.