Slim, Stuart power Bethel to top at Traditional Games

by Tommy Wells

Raquel Slim and JoBeth Stuart teamed with Kelsie Madson this past weekend to help power Bethel to the top at the 2019 Traditional Games NYO meet in Juneau. The meet, which was held March 16-17 at Thunder Mountain High School, featured NYO athletes from more than 20 programs throughout the state.

It is the first time Juneau has hosted an NYO meet.

Bethel, which also garnered starring roles from Nicholas Twito and Austin Amos in the middle school division, rolled up 115 points in the tournament to easily edge out Anchorage for the title. Anchorage scored 99 points.

Slim and Stuart were among the most dominant athletes at the meet. The two combined for 30 points and finished in the top five in seven events.

Slim highlighted a solid showing by Bethel athletes in the high school girls’ scissors competition. She posted a mark of 25 feet, 1 ¼ inches and placed third overall. Stuart was fifth in the standings at 20-7 ½.

Slim also did well in the 1-Foot and 2-Foot high kick competitions. She claimed a bronze medal in both events. In the 1-Foot event, she notched a height of 72 inches. She hit 58 inches in the 2-foot competition.

Slim, who collected a total of six medals, narrowly missed a gold medal in the seal hop. She turned in a distance of 59-4 in the event and finished just 5 ½ inches behind Emily King of Whitehorse.

King was the top overall scorer in the tournament with 30 points.

Stuart was fifth in the seal hop standings with a mark of 40-5 ½.

Stuart and Slim did garner medals in the Alaskan High Kick. Stuart won the title in the event with a height of 66 inches. Slim was third.

Stuart took first in the One-Hand Reach event. Her mark of 57 inches in the tournament was tops among all girls in the high school classification. Madson was third at 48.

Madson picked up a gold medal in the Wrist Carry with a distance of 73-4. Slim was third at 13-1.

If Stuart, Slim and Madson were dominant in the girls’ high school division, Twito and Amos were nothing short of Supermen in the middle school boys’ classification. The two finished in the top five in eight events. Twito won the kneel jump, Dene stick pull, 1-foot and 2-foot high kicks. He was second in the Alaska high kick and seal hop, and third in the scissors broad jump and one-hand reach. He also finished fourth in the Inuit stick pull standings. Amos was first in the scissors, 1-foot high kick, and second in the Dene stick pull, Inuit stick pull. He was third in the 2-foot high kick and fourth in the seal hop.

Twito finished the meet as the highest-scoring middle school male athlete with 36 points. Amos was third overall with 26.

Carliese O’Brien and Kiley Twito turned in strong outings in the girls’ middle school division.

O’Brien took second in the kneel jump with a mark of 30 ½. She also took third in the 1-foot high kick with a kick of 70 inches.

Twito was third in the Alaska high kick standings, while Caitlyn Laraux was fifth in the Inuit stick pull.

Katlynne Lewis of Juneau, formerly of Bethel, won the womens’ overall athlete award for the ladies open division.

Photos by Tommy Bayayok

Native Youth Olympics 2019 Traditional Games Results

March 16 and 17, Thunder Mountain High School, Juneau

Final results

Scissor Broad Jump

Open division, women

1st: Patrice DeAsis, UAS, 22’ 1 ½”

2nd: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 19’ 11 ¼”

3rd: Shondiin Mayo, NAU, 19’ 10”

4th: Jacklyn Weston, ANC, 19’ 8”

5th: Emma Burathi, NAU, 14’ 5 ½“ 

Open division, men

1st: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 34’ 2 ¼”

2nd: Erick Whisenant, JNU, 31’ 0 ¾”

3rd: Elias Henry, ANC, 30’ 11 ¾”

4th: Joe Dundore, JNU, 29’ 5”

5th: Bryan Johnson, JNU, 29’ 0 ¼”

High school, girls

1st: Emily King, WTH, 25’ 1 ¼”

2nd: Kalila Arreola, JDHS, 22’ 0”

3rd: Raquel Slim, BET, 20’ 11 ½”

4th: Sara Steeves, TMHS, 20’ 11”

5th: Jobeth Stuart, BET, 20’ 7 ½”

High school, boys

1st: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 31’ 11”

2nd: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 29’ 5”

3rd: Leighton Bullock, YDHS, 29’ ½ “

4th: Donavan Friemering, ANC, 28’ 9 ½”

5th: Hayden Chartier, JDHS, 26’ 1 ½”

Middle school, girls

1st: Michael Bethel, MET, 25’ 2 ½”

2nd: Kate Koepke, WTH, 24’ 9 ¾”

3rd: Sophielynda Agoney, KET, 20’ 1 ½”

4th: Shaylen Montgomery, DHMS, 20’ 1 ¼”

5th: Tatum Billings, FDMS, 19’ 8”

Middle school, boys

1st: Austin Amos, BET, 23’ 4 ¼”

2nd: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 21’ 9”

3rd: Nicholas Twito, BET, 21’ 4”

4th: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 21’ 1 ½”

5th: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 20’ 1 ¼”
Kneel Jump

Open/high school, women

1st: Emily King, WTH, 44 ½”

2nd: Sharlane King, UTQ, 40 ¾”

3rd: Jaclyn Weston, ANC, 32 ¼”

4th: Nicole Johnston, OME, 29 ¾”

5th: Sesylia Hazen, YAK, 29¾”

Open/high school, men

1st: Austin Sumdum, ANC, 54 ½”

2nd: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 48 ¼”

3rd: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 46”

4th: Bryan Johnson, JNU, 41 ½”

5th: Jack Diamond, HNH, 40”

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 37 ½”

2nd: Carliese O’Brien, BET, 30 ½”

3rd: Sophielynda Agoney, KET, 22”

4th: Luella Tumulak, ANC, 20 ½”

5th: Shaylen Montgomery, DHMS, 17 ¾”

Middle school, boys

1st: Nicholas Twito, BET, 26 ¾”

2nd: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 19 ¼”

3rd: Austin Amos, BET, 18 ¼”

4th: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 17 ¾”

5th: Hunter Cameron, DHMS, 9 ¼”

One foot high kick

Open division, women

1st: Patrice DeAsis, UAS, 74”

2nd: Sharlane King, UTQ, 72”

3rd: Jacklyn Weston, ANC, 68”

4th: Kaytlynne Lewis UAS, 66”

5th: Shondin Mayo, UAS, 62”

Open division, men

1st: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 104”

2nd: Elias Henry, ANC, 102”

3rd: Manuel Tumulak, ANC, 96”

4th: Erick Whisenant, JNU, 92”

5th tied: Austin Sumdum, ANC, 88”

5th tied: Christopher Sumdum, ANC, 88” 

High school, girls

1st: Emily King, WTH, 87”

2nd: Sara Steeves, TMHS, 73”

3rd: Raquel Slim, BET, 72”

4th: Sarah Haube, HNH, 66”

5th: Destiny Cleveland, YDHS, 62”

High school, boys

1st: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 100”

2nd: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 92”

3rd: Hayden Chartien, JDHS, 88”

4th: Leighton Bullock, YDHS, 86”

5th: Donovan Friemering, ANC, 82”

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 80” 1 miss

2nd: Michael Bethel, MET, 80” 5 misses

3rd: Carliese O’Brien, BET, 70”

4th: tied: Natalie Travis, FDMS, 60” 0 misses

4th: tied: Leah Moss, HNH, 60” 0 misses

Middle school, boys

1st: Austin Amos, BET, 76”

2nd: Nicholas Twito, BET, 70”

3rd: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 66”

4th: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 64”

5th: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 60”

Wrist carry

Open division, men

1st: Bryan Johnson JNU 536’ 8”

2nd: Joe Dundore JNU 143’ 3”

3rd: Kuduat Shorty-Henyu WTH 88’

4th: Chris Sumdum ANC 65’ 6”

5th: Elias Henry ANC 36’ 6 ½”

Open division/high school, women

1st: Kelsie Madson, BET, 73’ 4”

2nd: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 34’ 3 ½”

3rd: Racquel Slim, BET, 13’ 1”

4th: Sarah Haube, HNH, 7’ 1 ½”

5th: Emily King, WTH, 4’ 6”

High school, boys 

1st: Jhasen Saludo, KET, 220’ 10 ¾”

2nd: Hayden Chartier, JDHS, 197’ 6”

3rd: Erik Jim, YDHS, 71’ 6”

4th: Donovan Friemering, ANC, 57’ 1 ½”

5th: Kyle Abbott, TMHS, 48’ 5 ½”

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 137’ 4 ¼”

2nd: Luelle Tumulak, ANC, 56’ 3”

3rd: Milina Mazon, FDMS, 26’ 10”

4th: Leah Moss, HNH, 26’ 4 1\2”

5th: Sophielynda Agoney, KET, 2’ 3”

Middle school, boys

1st Tyler Frisby, DMHS, 62’

2nd Derek Johnson, FDMS, 4’ 5 ½”

3rd No Distance Recorded 

Dene stick pull

High school, boys

1st: Donovan Friemering, ANC

2nd: Erik Jim, YDHS

3rd: Matthew Quinto, TMHS

4th: Kyle Abbott, TMHS

5th: Ezekiel Zigenfuss, TMHS

High school, girls

1st: Kaila Arreola, JDHS

2nd: Destiny Cleveland, YDHS

3rd: Angela Analoak-Bordenelli, ANC

4th: Sara Steeves, TMHS

5th: Haille Sloan, YDHS

Middle school, boys

1st: Nicholas Twito, BET

2nd: Austin Amos, BET

3rd: Johan Nichols, DHMS

4th: Hunter Cameron, DHMS

5th: Emil Young, FDMS

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH

2nd: Tatum Billings, FDMS

3rd: Maxie Lehauli, FDMS

4th: Natalie Travis, FDMS

5th: Luella Tumulak, ANC

Inuit stick pull

Open division, men

1st: Zach Lane, ANC

2nd: Joe Dundore, JNU

3rd: Myles Creed, OTZ

4th: Chris Sumdum, ANC

5th: Bryan Johnson, JNU

Open division/high school, women

1st: Nicole Johnston, OME

2nd: Angela Analoak-Bordenelli, ANC

3rd: Haille Sloan, YDHS

4th: Emile Eich, NAU

5th: Alicia Feak-Lent, MET

High school, boys

1st: Sterling Zuboff, TMHS

2nd: Nicolas Trevtel-Jacobsen, HNH

3rd: Josh Sheakley, YDHS

4th: Aston Oyloe, TMHS

5th: Matthew Quinto, TMHS

Middle school, girls

1st: Maxie Lehauli, FDMS

2nd: Kendra Willard, DHMS

3rd: Kate Koepke, WTH

4th: Kezia Venebasaga, FDMS

5th: Caitlyn Laraux, BET

Middle school, boys

1st: Derek Johnson, FDMS

2nd: Austin Amos, BET

3rd: Johan Nicols, DHMS

4th: Nicholas Twito, BET

5th: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS

Two foot high kick

Open division, women

1st: Nicole Johnston, OME, 56”

2nd: Patrice Deasis, UAS, 54”

3rd: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 52”

4th: Emma Burath, NAU, 44”

5th: Shondiin Mayo, NAU, 44”

Open division, men

1st: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 86”

2nd: Elias Henry, ANC, 82”

3rd: Austin Sumdum, ANC, 78”

4th: Erick Whisenant, JNU, 78” 1 miss

5th: Jack Diamond, HNH, 78” 2 misses

High school, girls

1st: Emily King, WTH 65”

2nd: Sarah Haube, HNH 60”

3rd: Raquel Slim, BET 58”

4th: Sara Steeves, TMHS 58”

5th: Kailey Cannon, YDHS 38”

High school, boys

1st: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 76” 2 misses; 1st miss @ 76”

2nd: Leighton Bullock, YDHS, 76” 2 misses; 1st miss @ 70”

3rd: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 74”

4th: Hayden Chartier, JDHS, 70”

5th: Donovan Friemering, ANC, 70”

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 62”

2nd: Luella Tumaluak, ANC, 50”

3rd: Sophilydna Agoney, KET, 40”

4th: Shaylen Montgomery, FDMS, 38”

5th: Kezia Venebasaga, FDMS, 32”

Middle school, boys

1st: Nicholas Twito, BET, 60”

2nd: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 55”

3rd: Austin Amos, BET, 50”

4th: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 46”

5th: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 38”

One Hand Reach

Open division, men

1st: Manuel Tumulak, ANC, 64”

2nd: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 62” 0 misses

3rd: Elias Henry, UNK, 62” 2 misses

4th: Austin Sumdum, ANC, 54” 0 misses

5th: Christopher Sumdum, ANC, 54” 2 misses

Open division, women

1st: Shondiin Mayo, NAU, 48”

2nd: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 42”

3rd: No Height Recorded

High school, boys

1st: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 54”

2nd: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 53”

3rd: Kyle Abbott, TMHS, 49”

4th: Ezra Elisoff, TMHS, 45”

5th: Wilfred Agoney, KET, 42”

High school, girls

1st: Jobeth Stuart, BET, 57”

2nd: Emily King, WTH, 54”

3rd: Kelsie Madison, BET, 48”

Middle school, Boys

1st: Tyler Frisby, DHM,S 42”

2nd: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 36”

3rd: Nicholas Twito, BET, 34” 

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 53”

2nd: Sophielynda Agoney, KET, 40”

3rd: Luella Tumulak, ANC, 36”

Alaskan High Kick 

Open division, women

1st: Jacklyn Weston, ANC, 69”

2nd: Marjorie Tahbone, OME, 55”

3rd: Patrice DeAsis, UAS, 54”

4th: Shondiin Mayo, UAS, 52”

5th: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 48”

Open division, men

1st: Mikiyan Ivanoff UNK, 83”

2nd: Manuel Tumulak, ANC, 82”

3rd: Christopher Sumdum, ANC, 72”

4th: Bryan Johnson, JNU, 70”

5th: Jack Diamond, HNH, 70”

High school, girls 

1st: Jobeth Stuart, BET, 66”

2nd: Sara Steeves, TMHS, 58”

3rd: Racquel Slim, BET, 56”

4th: Sesylia Hazen, YAK, 54”

5th: Amiah Jonnson, YAK, 48”

High school, boys

1st: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 74”

2nd: Jhasen Saludo, KET, 70” 0 misses

3rd: Kyle Abbott, TMHS, 70” 1 miss

4th: Ezra Elisoff, TMHS, 70” 3 misses

5th tied: Ashton Oyloe TMHS 66” 0 misses

5th tied: Andrew Ostmann JDHS 66” 0 misses

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 66”

2nd: Natalie Travis, FDMS, 48”

3rd: Kiley Twito, BET, 46”

4th: Tatum Billings, FDMS, 40” 0 misses

5th: Luella Tumulak, ANC, 40” 2 misses

Middle school, boys

1st: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 56”

2nd: Nicholas Twito, BET, 54” 0 misses

3rd: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 54” 4 misses

4th: Carter Harralston, FDMS, 50” 1 miss @ 50”

5th: Derrick Johnson, FDMS, 50” 1 miss @ 46”

Seal Hop

Open division, women

1st: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 70’ 8 ½”

2nd: Nicole Johnston, OME, 45’ 2 ½”

3rd: Shondiin Mayo, NAU, 38’ 2”

4th: Marjorie Tahbone, OME, 36’ 10”

5th: Emma Burath, NAU, 33’ 0 ¼”

Open division, men

1st: Kyle Worl, JNU, 132’ 8 ¾”

2nd: Vincent Tomalonis, ANC, 57’ 5 ½”

3rd: Myles Creed, OTZ, 51’ 9 ½”

4th: Kuduat Shorty-Henyu, WTH, 37’ 7”

5th: Erick Whisenant, JNU, 35’

High school, girls

1st: Emily King, WTH, 64’ 4 ½”

2nd: Racquel Slim, BET, 59’ 4”

3rd: Destiny Cleveland, YDHS, 44’ 1 ¾”

4th: Sara Steeves, TMHS, 42’ 11 ½”

5th: Jobeth Stuart, BET, 40’ 5 ½”

High school, boys

1st: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 64’ 8 ½”

2nd: Stephan Alvarado, YDHS, 57’ 1 ½”

3rd: Erik Jim, YDHS, 47’ 7 ¼”

4th: Hayden Chartier, JDHS, 45’ 3 ½”

5th: Ezra Elisoff, TMHS, 36’ 8”

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 94’

2nd: Milina Mazon, FDMS, 51’ 7”

3rd: Tria Bavers, DHMS, 39’

4th: Tatum Billings, FDMS, 32’ 0 ¾”

5th: Sophie Agoney, KET, 30’ 2 ¾”

Middle school, boys

1st: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 48’ 7 ¾”

2nd: Nicholas Twito, BET, 42’ 3”

3rd: Carter Harralston, FDMS, 40’ 3”

4th: Austin Amos, BET, 36’ 1 ½”

5th: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 28’ 5”

Overall Team – Large Team

1st: Bethel, 115 points

2nd: Anchorage, 99 points

3rd: Thunder Mountain High School, 71 points

4th: Dzantik’i Heeni Middle School, 67 points

5th Tied: Yakoosge Daakahidi High School, 60 points

5th Tied: Floyd Dryden Middle School, 60 points

Overall Team – Small Team (5 and under)

1st: Whitehorse, 82 points

2nd: UAS, 40 points

3rd: Ketchikan, 24 points

4th: Juneau-Douglas High School, 22 points

5th: Hoonah, 18 points

Overall Athlete 

Open division, men

1st: Makiyan Ivanoff, UNK, 27 points

2nd: Elias Henry, ANC, 15 points

3rd: Manuel Tumulak, ANC, 12 points

4th tied: Bryan Johnson, JNU, 11 points

4th tied: Austin Sumdum, JNU, 11 points

Open division, women

1st: Kaytlynne Lewis, UAS, 23 points

2nd: Patrice DeAsis, UAS, 17 points

3rd: Nicole Johnston, OME, 16 points

4th: Shondiin Mayo, NAU, 15 points

5th: Jacklyn Weston, ANC, 13 points

High school, boys

1st: Matthew Quinto, TMHS, 32 points

2nd: Josh Sheakley, YDHS, 24 points 

3rd: Donovan Friemering, ANC, 11 points

4th: Hayden Chartier, JDHS, 10 points

5th tied: Leighton Bullock, YDHS, 9 points

5th tied: Jhasen Saludo, KET, 9 points

5th tied: Kyle Abbott, TMHS, 9 points

High school, girls

1st: Emily King WHT 30 points

2nd: Racquel Slim BET 19

3rd: Sara Steeves TMHS 16

4th: Jobeth Stuart BET 11

5th: Kalila Arreola JDHS 9 

Middle school, boys

1st: Nicholas Twito, BET, 36

2nd: Tyler Frisby, DHMS, 30

3rd: Austin Amos, BET, 26

4th: Derek Johnson, FDMS, 22

5th: Nathaniel Blake, DHMS, 14

Middle school, girls

1st: Kate Koepke, WTH, 47

2nd tied: Sophielynda Agoney, KET, 15

2nd tied: Luella Tumulak, ANC, 15

4th: Micheal Bethel, MET, 9

5th tied: Natalie Travis, FMDS, 8

5th tied: Maxie Lehauli, FDMS, 8