Skipping Class

Have you ever skipped an important class or a non-important class in school? About everyone who’s went to school or going to school could say they’ve done it.

There’s many different kinds of people. There are the ones who aren’t scared of the moment and those who are terrified. People who aren’t scared of the moment are likely to do it again than a person who is terrified. They’re either used to the consequences or they just have the guts to put up with what is coming their way.

A lot of the kids skip important classes and that puts them in a tough situation to turn in work, catch up on notes they missed, or just doing what the teacher has asked of the students.

Today’s kids will have a reason to why they skipped or missed a specific class date or maybe that whole day, but the kids will always have a reason unless they aren’t scared of the consequences or who is punishing them.

Not giving them a hard enough discipline can also give them another reason to skip again. If they don’t get disciplined hard enough then they are likely to do it again. These kids are usually unmotivated or under great depression. If the child is unmotivated then here are some solutions to get them back on track.

Take the matter seriously. If the child asks to get an excused absence tell them no so that they have to show up and if they don’t it’ll be unexcused.

If the consequence doesn’t make the child show motivation then make the consequence a lot more harsher. If it still doesn’t make them change their minds about it, inform the parents and have them take the matter seriously.

If the parent gives them a harsh enough discipline then it is showing improvement. Keep the consequences on repeat until they stop skipping that class for sure.

Sleep plays a huge role in how you feel during that day. If you got 1-2 hours of sleep than you’re going to be in a bad mood and likely to sleep in.

College students think it’s easy to skip class and still pass on what they’ve missed. Really what they miss is knowledge from the lecture that the professor was giving to the class. It doesn’t seem much or fun at all but it does help if you pay attention (CRCHealth).

So many kids/teens/young adults don’t get enough sleep and they blame their absence on that when they could push through. Sleeping in class is basically the same thing as “skipping,” because when you sleep you escape time. So try consider going to sleep earlier and don’t sleep in or in class.

Another solution is before going to bed, try shutting off your personal device or any type of device. It is shown that when you don’t have any type of technology present, it is easier to fall asleep. It’s true, because the mind doesn’t have to look online or check who is trying to reach them or look at social media.

Michael Chase
Bethel, AK

Recoving from PTSD

Thank my fellow citizen for their tolerance of abiding with the PTSD bestowed upon me in the 1960’s with vicious and malicious racial discrimination in the U. S. Navy which was a part of my life particularly in the 70’s. Thanks to those who have helped me to recover particularly U. S. Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) now living in Virginia.

Gilbert Keywehak
Mount Pleasant MI

Hurricane Harvey – HOW YOU CAN HELP


If you would like to volunteer with the Red Cross, you can visit to learn more about the many volunteer opportunities and how to submit a volunteer application. This would allow you to not only help on large disasters like Hurricane Harvey, but also when smaller disasters like home fires happen in your community.

The Red Cross of Alaska estimates it will take approximately two weeks to process volunteer applications, complete background checks, complete Red Cross training, and get new volunteers ready to deploy to Texas. The recovery process will continue for months, and there will be opportunities for everyone who qualifies to deploy with the Red Cross.


We know Alaskans are generous and want to do everything they can to help after a disaster. Unfortunately, collecting and sending food, clothing and other household items often does more harm than good. It takes time and money to store, sort, clean and distribute donated items, which diverts limited time and resources away from helping those most affected. Instead, the best way to support disaster victims is with a financial donation.

The Red Cross depends on financial donations to be able to provide disaster relief immediately. Help people affected by Hurricane Harvey by visiting, calling 1- 800-RED CROSS or texting the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation. Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

Search for Loved Ones

Concerned family and friends can search for those who have registered themselves as “safe and well.” The results of a successful search will display a loved one’s first name, last name and a brief message.

American Red Cross of Alaska
Anchorage, AK