Single parents deserve our thanks

by Peter Twitchell

I believe single mothers and fathers deserve recognition because they are so strong for whatever reason. There are men and women both who have children in their custody and they choose to raise and nurture their children, to care for, feed, nourish, educate, train, and foster their kids without a spouse. In my mind it is a great responsibility for the man or woman without the aid or help of a partner.

I believe that a single parent – an individual, taking on the responsibility for a child is not an easy task. Raising kids on your own in my opinion takes commitment. A devoted parent will make that decision and it’s a non-selfish choice a loving parent will make in their lifetime.

Our children are gifts from creator God and given to us to raise in the fear of God.

I can only imagine a single mother making sacrifices for their child or children, an investment in raising a child to adulthood by a parent or individual.

I believe this draws the child or children and parent very close to each other because of the great sacrifices an individual makes every day. I only know from personal experience when my Dad all of a sudden wasn’t with us and how hard it was without money to pay bills or buy food.

That was in 1965 when food and products were cheaper. Still, we didn’t have a whole lot – Mom, my brother Tony, and I. Thanks to our relatives and friends in Bethel, Alaska we got by, we didn’t starve to death.

The US Army before my dad went into battle in World War II gave a $10,000 life insurance policy which allowed mom Tony and me to get a $40 stipend every month from that insurance. It really went a long way. Looking at today’s economy the cost of childcare, food, and utilities is sky high and sometimes I feel for those single mothers out there struggling and making sacrifices sometimes for a brood of children.

As much as I personally don’t like it because it has crippled people, welfare and welfare checks do serve a purpose for some people who really need it.

Not dependent on a father anymore, I adopted music and it’s been a part of my life since I was 16 till this day at 71. Sometimes I still fill-in with a bass guitar for up to four bands a night at the Moose Lodge sober fiddling dances.

And it’s been my livelihood and in some ways driven me to become an overachiever if you want to call it that. Working three jobs a day – my regular job, driving a cab, playing in the band, calling bingo, and driving a school bus the years I was growing up in Bethel. Finally after 50 years working hard and serving my people in Southwest Alaska, I retired.

I am grateful for my mother Sarah who brought me up to fear the Lord, to work hard, and never giving up. I tell my children and grandchildren that they come from a working family.

I believe Creator God has a plan and a path for us in our lives and that he is in charge and again, I am very grateful he gave me a strong hard-working woman to be my mother.