Shareholder privilege

by Peter Twitchell

If you are a member of a corporation like I am, I consider it a privilege, first to be counted. As a shareholder, my input and voting a proxy ballot is important.

First, it’s our right to vote as shareholders, not to be taken for granted or somebody else can or will do it. As a shareholder I make things happen, my opinions count for something and I will select who my representatives will be on the Board of Directors.

When we vote on a proxy ballot, we as shareholders are providing our input on which direction the Board of Directors will take us.

As shareholders there is no excuse for not casting your vote, unless you didn’t receive your proxy ballot, then it’s your responsibility to request your voting packet or, now a days, we can vote electronically online.

I was disappointed when I heard on a recent radio talk show that only 34% of shareholders between the ages of 18 – 39 voted. We have to do better than this. The example was given that if 10 people were in a room and only 3 out of the 10 voted. What happened to the other 7 or 66%?

It’s not only a privilege, but our responsibility as shareholders to be counted, not just for our sake but our children and grandchildren’s sake!

Get involved and stay involved, I’ve tried, really tried to vote every local state and national election since I was 18. I feel satisfied I’ve done my best to be a voice out there where it really counts sometimes.