Services are available for those who need help

by Peter Twitchell

The Benefit of Living in Anchorage is all the city has to offer its residents – you are not alone here. For instance, there is help/assistance for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. 8-5 family counseling is available for families in crisis. The Alaska Disability Law Center where you can seek the help you need if you feel as a disabled individual you have been discriminated against, or need advice.
If you have someone who has an addiction to chemicals like alcohol/drugs, AA/NA meetings are all over Anchorage. If you need spiritual guidance there are many many churches and meetings you can attend like a mens/womens groups, and you can ask for rides.
You can ride the municipality’s people transit mover ‘free’ on Wednesdays.
I just learned the First Alaskans Institute sponsor the annual Elders/Youth Conference during the AFN Convention. Myself and my alternate Andrew Jasper of Bethel are involved in the planning of the 2018 Elder/Youth Conference. We are just two of at least a couple dozen of youth and individuals from and within our state of Alaska.
Leaders from up north, southeast, interior, Alutiit, Inupiaqs, Yup’iks, Athabascans, Cup’iks, and our youth are involved in the planning stages. Examples of the Elders/Youth Conference themes were: 2004 “The Power of Imagination”, 2005 “Embracing Tomorrow with the Strength of our Elders”, 2013 “We are our Ancestors”, 2014 “Get up, Stand Up!”
Our first meeting in person and teleconference with many reps was January 24, 2018, getting acquainted with each other and policy engagement.
Theme ideas – we want the concerns of people from our respective regions and challenges and solutions from our upcoming Elders/Youth Conference during AFN. Please let Andrew or myself know. My contact number is (907) 545-0103. Thank you.
I cannot say enough for Southcentral Foundation’s work to keep Alaskan Natives the “healthiest in the world”. They are simply an amazing gropu of people who care and are dedicated to making life better and healthier for us and their services are awesome!
They never cease to amaze me with their work in behavioral health, mind and body, and our overall well-being.