Seeking YK Delta Artist to apply for grants

The Rasmuson Foundation’s Individual Artist Award is a grant offered to Alaskan artists for a variety of artistic disciplines. Many YK Delta artists have received an Individual Artist Award in the past, with six awardees in the past five years!

You can apply for one of two award types:

PROJECT AWARD: Awards of $7,500 for specific, short-term projects that have a clear benefit to an individual or group’s artistic growth and development. 25 grants awarded annually.

ARTIST FELLOWSHIP: Awards of $18,000 for an individual or group at mid-career or mature artistic career stages to focus their energy and attention for a one-year period on developing their creative work. 11 awards granted annually.

The 2020 deadline for the application is March 2, 2020.

Bethel Community Services Foundation will be hosting an Informational meeting about the grant details and application materials on Friday, January 31, at 12:00 PM in the KuC Library in the YP Cultural Center (Alaska Room). Travel scholarships are available on a limited basis for village-based artists.

In addition, BCSF staff will help give general guidance and review your application for completeness before it is submitted. We will also have someone photographing art in conjunction with the workshop if you’d like to have your art photographed for the application.

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call Kate McWilliams, Special Projects Coordinator at the Bethel Community Services Foundation at (907)- 543-1812.