Hairy Man

Man meets Hairy Man on trail

This is the story of a Scammon Bay man who ran into a Hairy Man on the trail to Hooper Bay. This happened in the winter of 2011. Before he told his story, he shuddered […]

Hairy Man

Man, cranes, moose and Hairy Man?

by Delta Discovery staff One late summer day, a man from St. Mary’s took a trip to Mt. Village along the St. Mary’s-Mt. Village Road on his four-wheeled ATV. It was August or September in […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man sighted in Napakiak

by Delta Discovery staff In late April 2013, a worker at the Napakiak village corporation was just taking a look outside the 2nd story window of the building during the early afternoon hours, when she […]

Hairy Man

Captured by Hairy Man

by Delta Discovery staff Here is one from Rampart. It is one of the strangest Hairy Man stories ever told. The story is also told by Norma Cobb, in her book, “Arctic Homestead.” In the […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man encounter by a musher

Although this story isn’t in the Y-K Delta, the witness was kind enough to write and share his story from his part of Alaska. The musher does not name what he saw in this story […]

Hairy Man

The Tuluksak River Hairy Man

Some years ago, my brother Allen and I went moose hunting up the Tuluksak River during one weekend in late September, when moose hunting used to be 30 days long. We brought along Mitchell, a […]

Hairy Man

The Mulchatna River Hairy Man

by Dr. Robert Alley Derek Blackmon, a Ketchikan hunter, reported to me in 2003 that he was working with his brother for a fly-in outfitter out of Dillingham in 2000 when they were surprised by […]

Hairy Man

Nome miner kills a Hairy Man

This story has been around for a long time, which happened in the 1960s. Variations of the story come and go. Jean Joiner was a miner from Nome who had a mine near Jade Mountain […]

Hairy Man

A hunter is chased away by a Hairy Man

by Delta Discovery staff Kusilvak Mountain, at 2,000 feet, is the tallest mountain in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The mountain could be seen from long distances. Up close, Kusilvak (from ‘qusilvak,’ meaning ‘very tall’) is composed […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man steals dried fish

The witness is from Nunapitchuk and asked to be anonymous. I grew up in Nunacuaq, a village north of Kasigluk. There was a school there but the river got too shallow for barges so they […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man in the Y-K Delta

by Delta Discovery staff Last week, we published a story of a Hairy Man being seen in Kasigluk last spring. We had been hoping to begin publishing a series of Bigfoot sightings since such sightings […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man and boy have stare-down

by Delta Discovery staff, as told by the witness This happened when the witness was seven-years-old. He remembers everything vividly, even his age when he saw the Hairy Man. When he was a young boy, […]

Hairy Man

Hairy Man tracks along the Kisaralik River

by Delta Discovery staff The Kisaralik and Kasigluk rivers snake through the tundra together from the Kuskokwim River and make their way to the Kuskokwim and Kilbuck mountains. Hairy Man people, or Bigfoots, and/or their […]

Hairy Man

Berry pickers spy Bigfoot

by K.J. Lincoln On Saturday, August 3rd, 2013, a family from Bethel witnessed a very tall, black colored creature walking upright while they were out picking berries. The family of three – the dad and […]

Hairy Man

Whitefish set netters spot Bigfoot

by K.J. Lincoln Two fishermen from Bethel saw a creature too tall to be a human walking upright while checking their whitefish net at the upper mouth of Tarperrnaq River. Dana Kopanuk, was one of […]

Hairy Man

Nunivak Island Bigfoot

by K.J. Lincoln This sighting occurred back in the 1930s on the island of Nunivak. There were three men who went hunting, one of which was Fred Weston Sr. who was a resident of the […]

Hairy Man

Unusual track found near a fishcamp

by Delta Discovery staff During the summer of 2011, two St. Mary’s women were at a fishcamp cutting silver salmon they had gotten while drifting. The fishcamp is along the Yukon River between Pitka’s Point […]

Hairy Man

Boy sees Bigfoot sitting on bank

People talked about these big hairy people-like creatures ever since I can remember. In my Yugtun dialect, we call them Miluquyulit (the throwers) because they throw something at you when if you get too close […]

Hairy Man

Legendary Bigfoot sighted near Kasigluk

by K.J. Lincoln A family out egg hunting last spring near their village of Kasigluk came upon an incredible sight – a large, dark, hairy creature walking upright was heading towards them. They – two […]


Encounters with Big Foot

by Peter Twitchell When I was a boy about 8 years old I was walking to the Civil Aeronautics administration compound. I had a sense that there was something out there in the trees watching […]

Letters to the Editor

Governor’s budget needs to be revamped

Dear Governor Mike Dunleavey, The Unit 4 villages, Akiak, Akiachak, Kwethluk, and Tuluksak are letting you know that we are totally opposed to your budget proposal that cuts deep into essential services without considering raising […]

In our Native Land

Muskox transported from Greenland to Alaska

by Ned Rozell Leaving cloven hoofprints from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, more than 3,500 muskoxen live in Alaska. All of those shaggy, curly-horned beasts came from one group of muskoxen […]