Seafood processing industry recruiting Alaskans for 2020 salmon season

by the Alaska Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Alaskans looking for summer employment have the opportunity to work in the seafood processing industry. Seafood processing employers are recruiting to pre-hire for more than 3,100 full-time, temporary seafood workers for the 2020 salmon season and other fishery seasons. Most employers offer transportation, and room and board benefits for those who successfully complete their contract. Alaskans seeking to work in the seafood industry can consider openings in Dillingham, Dutch Harbor, Egegik, Naknek, Seward, Ketchikan, Juneau, Petersburg, floating processors, and other locations throughout Alaska.

The seafood processing industry works in partnership with the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development to improve the rate of Alaska resident hire. These jobs provide excellent income opportunities for Alaskans who want to earn and save money quickly, who enjoy physical work, and helps to establish a work history and move up the career ladder. Employing Alaskans benefits seafood employers by avoiding additional challenges of recruiting outside labor.

“The seafood processing seasonal workforce is among the largest in Alaska,” said Commissioner Dr. Tamika L. Ledbetter. “Unemployed Alaska residents can take advantage of this timely employment opportunity. We focus on recruiting Alaskans first. We encourage and appreciate employers who make efforts to recruit Alaskans who depend on this seasonal income to support their families and local economies, especially where unemployment rates are high.”

The State of Alaska has issued several health mandates to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and identified critical workforce infrastructure industries, which includes fish processing. Seafood employers must submit a plan to the State of Alaska outlining how workers are safeguarded to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and not endanger employees and the communities in which they operate.