Scammon Bay runners take top 3rd and 5th spots at State XC finals

Isaac Titus crosses the finish line while fans cheer during last year's state cross country finals in Anchorage.

Scammon Bay’s Leah Amukon and Isaac Titus ran in the 2020 ASAA Cross Country Running State Championships 5K held at Kincaid Park in Anchorage last Saturday, October 10th, 2020. Titus came in 3rd place with a time of 18:27. He maintained his #3 spot throughout the race. In last year’s meet Titus finished in the 2nd spot, his time was 17:15. Kanayaq Ivanoff of Unalakleet placed 5th.

Amukon finished in 5th place with a time of 24:02. She maintained her position from start to finish.

Winner for the Division III boys was Kael Gerlach of Glennallen who finished in 17:14. The girls champion was Aileen Lester of Newhalen. Her time was 21:11.

Winning the Division II girls race was Jayna Boonstra, daughter of Todd and Kelli Boonstra of Nininchik. Boonstra was in 4th position at the mile 1 mark. At mile 2 she moved up to 3rd, and in the final mile overtook Megan Nelson of Grace Christian who finished 2nd and Debbie Brower of Anchorage Christian who placed 3rd. The Boonstras formerly lived and worked in the YK Delta region.

Division II runner Tristan Merchant of Anchorage Christian posted the fastest time for the boys, finishing the 5k course in 14:51. For the girls, Naomi Bailey of West Valley, a Division I runner, had the girls fastest time overall, 17:56.

Photos by Eric Hanson

2020 Division III Girls XC State Finals Results

Place/Runner Grade Village Time

1 Aileen Lester 10 Newhalen 21:11

2 Teagan Rude 9 Glennallen 21:21

3 Brynna Gerlach 10 Glennallen 22:01

4 Malea Voran 12 Tanalian 22:39

5 Leah Amukon Scammon Bay 24:02

6 Alaina Pete 12 Brevig Mission 24:54

7 Patricia Washington 12 A. Andrews 26:36

8 Tatyana Nashookpuk Tikigaq 28:54

9 Virginia Teayoumeak Tikigaq 28:54

2020 Division III Boys XC State Finals Results

1 Kael Gerlach 12 Glennallen 17:14

2 Daniel Wardell Tanalian 17:57

3 Isaac Titus Scammon Bay 18:27

4 Kona Atkins Gustavus 18:54

5 Kanayaq Ivanoff 11 Unalakleet 18:55

6 Taylor Dolge 12 Kenny Lake 18:59

7 Keegan St Amand 12 Glennallen 19:53

8 Trevor Dolge 10 Kenny Lake 19:54

9 Bowen Korth 9 Glennallen 20:10

10 Jordan Korth 11 Glennallen 20:28

11 Caelin Kingeekuk 12 H. Kingeekuk 20:34

12 Joshua Hughes Meade River 20:45

13 Jaden Tretikoff 12 Newhalen 22:06

14 David Blaine Shatswell Gustavus 25:20

15 Joelin Lane Tikigaq DNF

16 Henry Kowunna Tikigaq DNS