Reverse the sweep of the PCE Endowment Fund

Dear Alaska Legislators,

It is imperative that the Alaska legislature reverse the sweep of the Power Cost Equalization (PCE) Endowment Fund so Alaskans in rural areas can afford their electricity.

The sweep of the endowment, which has defunded the FY20 PCE program, puts the economies of more than 190 Alaska communities at risk and will cause electricity costs for thousands of Alaskans to rise to a devastating level.

Preservation of the PCE Endowment Fund is a longstanding policy of the Alaska Power Association (APA) Board of Directors, whose membership consists of rural and urban electric utilities throughout our state.

APA’s member utilities, as well as communities, the business sector and legislators, understand that the PCE program — underpinned by its endowment — is essential in helping alleviate high energy costs for Alaskans most in need of such assistance.

The uncertainty in rural communities caused by the sweep of funds is severe, and these Alaskans are looking to the legislature to reverse the sweep so the PCE program, which is included in the Fiscal Year 2020 operating budget, but now unfunded, can continue with its 35 year history.

APA is strongly advocating that the legislature attains the required three-fourths supermajority vote to reverse the sweep of the PCE Endowment Fund.

Crystal Enkvist, Executive Director, Alaska Power Association
Anchorage, AK

A letter to Senator Von Imhof


I just caught your little June 19, 2019 performance regarding how you believe Alaskan’s don’t care about their PFD’s and they have better things to do and think about.

Well Natasha you’re right I have a great many things to do right now, being that our fishing season is upon us. That is why I do not need to take time out of my busy day to hold your hand while informing you that you are delusional. The people of Alaska hired you to resolve the PFD issue within the constraints of our current laws, the same laws you promised to uphold and defend.

Now you are claiming “the Alaska public doesn’t care about the pfd” and that you can “violate Alaska law while attempting to manipulate the current PFD payout formula”. I care about both Alaska’s PFD and you violating current Alaska law while trying to resolve the pfd issue. I care about the time you are forcing me to spend writing you right now, when I don’t have time to write you right now.

What on earth is wrong with your mind?

The laws governing our pfd payouts are on the books. Alaskan’s do NOT need you to decide that you spent excessive state revenues attempting to get re-elected, therefore requiring you to illegally steal funds from the pfd to make up for it.

If you find yourself unable to complete this simple pfd task, please resign and allow someone else more qualified to fill your position. I am a full blooded Republican but I do not appreciate or approve of your disgraceful pfd performance. Alaskan’s care more about their pfd’s than you remaining in your current office. Please either “get real or get out” so Alaska can complete the pfd job before us.

Thanks for trying to break your promise Natasha.

Donald Johnson, Soldotna, Alaska

If we want to have a Healthier Alaska, we need to address these issues

Hello out there,

Wow, it floored me when I heard they passed a law saying that sex-offenders no longer have to register with-in the State of Alaska.

What? Are you joking me? Makes me wonder if one our legislators has family that have done things like that, and they don’t want anyone to know about it, or, if they themselves have done so.

As if our State doesn’t have enough sex offenders as it is.

You all think: Oh let’s pick on Alaska, they have a lot of resources, people can survive there. Here, we’ll even give you all money to move.

Like, we already have an influx of many other nationalities whom have taken over our jobs. Who says we could afford more? Most certainly not our legislators who are taking away monies out of all the issues which benefit Our People, and lining their pockets more by giving themselves a high per diem per day. What a crock.

Instead of lining their pockets, or the Government giving people money to move here, they ought to be taking care of the people who voted them into office.

You are supposed to care enough about Our People to care if sex-offenders are around Our Children. Do you not care about how the child and the parents feel when it happens because a sex offender was let into town without the people knowing about it? Just because it’s not your child doesn’t mean it doesn’t impact a community in some way.

A lot of people end up becoming resentful, hurt, angry, untrusting when this happens. The kids wonder if they told would they be believed? Some are told bad consequences would happen if they told someone. Some feel so guilty even though it’s not their fault. They may even commit suicide.

We need to get children/people to understand – it is okay to tell someone. If one person doesn’t believe you or won’t help, do something about it, tell someone else. Don’t let it fester and have bad consequences because you are scared to tell, tell someone.

That is part of the reason people commit suicide. A bit of the people that it is done to end up being sex offenders because they didn’t tell, or didn’t get the help they needed.

If we want to have a Healthier Alaska, we need to address these issues. Please contact your legislators and tell them how you feel about this and other issues.

Hope you all have a good, safe summer.

Karen Nanouk, Unalakleet, AK

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