Retirement may require new thinking…

Dave Kutcher

by Dave Kutcher

As we continue to meet with new people here in Eagle River and pursue conversations surrounding retirement plan goals and objectives, many folks we speak to say they may continue to work during retirement. In fact, close to 70% have indicated they may consider this option.

Conditions impacting the stock market are turbulent to say the least and inflation is showing no sign of relief, resulting in nearly 70% of non-retired investors saying they are considering having to work into retirement and almost half of those people say it is due to what they see as a necessity to counter poor market performance or meet rising costs in living expenses.

We are all for folks seeking a different view of retirement than has been the norm in the past but choosing to stay involved and active at retirement because you “want to” is far different than doing so because you “have to”.

Additionally, choosing to uproot yourself to move closer to relatives or friends during your retirement years is understandable but having to move to seek a lower cost of living remains the major reason behind the moves we have seen in the recent past.

Folks need to be confident in their retirement future. Confidence comes from being able to predict some certainty in the financial well being of the funds you are securing for your retirement. We recognize it is hard to contemplate all the moving parts in the economy and how these things will impact your ability to keep your head above water during difficult times.

The most important thing you can do right now is evaluate and consider the options you have ahead and meet with a professional who can help you understand how you can take steps today to mitigate unnecessary risk without forgoing a continued opportunity for growth on your retirement funds.

Even if you choose to work in the early days of your retirement, there will come a time when work is probably not an option any longer. You need to plan and be sure you have programs in place that can help you manage your way through an ever-changing macroeconomic world without complicated processes and risky endeavors.

Knowledge is key and will give you confidence to meet the challenges ahead without fear that you will outlive your money.

Don’t be afraid to think a little differently about what your retirement might look like in these turbulent times. We have been able to help many, many people get a handle on their affairs and find viable solutions that provide safety, growth and control so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of living in America’s last frontier.

I am Dave Kutcher, a retired Marine Corp Captain and founder and owner of Kutcher Financial Services in Eagle River. We are on the radio every Saturday morning, “Retirement in the Last Frontier”, 8:30-9:30 on AM 650, Keni Radio. Kutcher Financial Services, 10928 Eagle River Road; Eagle River, AK 99577, (907) 795-7452.