Response to Speak Your Mind, May 20th, 2020

I agree whole heartedly with this letter. There is no real reason, or need for this mine (Donlin), other than making a lot of money for a very few people. The untold devastation of the source of life for thousands of people and millions of animals is too high a price to pay for trinkets and computer parts.

Come back to the table with a more viable alternative, and perhaps the issue can be re-addressed. At this point, with the proposal as submitted, there is no way this is a good idea.

Anne Kosacheff

Bethel, AK

Response to Speak Your Mind, May 20th, 2020

The risk of the proposed Donlin Mine far exceeds any potential benefit to the people of the region and the resources upon which they depend.

William Eggimann

Bethel, AK

Anchorage community stands together to call for the protection of Black and brown lives

Anchorage community members and organizations such as Native Movement and Native Peoples Action stand together to call for the protection of Black & Brown lives. We are calling for solidarity of our diverse communities to stand together in saying Enough is Enough, police brutality is unacceptable anywhere.

Our communities are feeling the pain and hurt of repeated violences from law enforcement and the justice system. In addition to the reality and truth that black and Indigenous communities have experienced firsthand, research studies have shown the disproportionate violence faced nationally from police brutality. A 2019 study by Northwestern University shows, “Black women and men and American Indian and Alaska Native women and men are significantly more likely than white women and men to be killed by police.” (1) Enough is enough. We are done dying. We ask leadership from institutions everywhere to commit to stopping this violence. We seek actionable item response from law enforcement. As Black and Indigenous communities we are asking all people to stand together in solidarity and in care.

Anchorage event: “I Can’t Breathe” Social-Distance Rally was held 2pm Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Jasmin Smith, Charlene Apok

Native Movement

Anchorage, AK

Senator Murkowski Shares Memorial Day Message

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released the following message in observance of Memorial Day.

For Alaskans, Memorial Day is typically our big kick-off for summer, with sunlight nearly all day and a long weekend to enjoy the great outdoors with our friends and family. It is also a day of tradition and ceremony as we honor the fallen who have served our nation.

This year is different for us as many of our Memorial Day ceremonies are cancelled or as we follow new guidance due to the coronavirus. But it doesn’t take a large gathering or multiple speeches by dignitaries to honor those who have bravely defended America and all that we hold dear.

Let each of us, and with our families, in our own way, reflect on the service and sacrifice of those in our armed services who gave their lives in defense of our great nation. Remember their children and families who loved and supported them. These heroes selflessly sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy today and we honor them.

To you and your families: Be safe. Be well.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

Washington, D.C.

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