Response to letter

I am writing in agreement with Mr. Myers’ letter stating our rights being violated and infringed. I have heard and witnessed in my own case of such violations. The judge has a duty to protect the citizens of the United States and to carry out the laws under Federal and State. The D.A., also an officer of the court, is bound by laws and when either the judge or D.A. violates or infringes the righte of anyone, I see it as bias and prejudice.

Not only that, they become lawless including the judicial system, and take it into their own hands and carry out justice.

There are laws under U.S.C.S. that guarantee rights and if infringed may use them as a civil suit against such violations. If you are an inmate or are in the process of a criminal proceeding, let your voice be heard, the world needs to know what is going on in the Bethel Courts.

Under Article 1:25 you have a right to be present at all proceedings and have a right to be heard in court. My rights were violated by the judge, D.A., and by the authorities, yet I was convicted as a felon. I would like to see our entities hire an attorney from downstates maybe by contract to represent us in our cases. I have much to share and I know there are more out there.

Douglas Kernak

Goose Creek Correctional Center

Wasilla, AK

Salmon is our Life

The State of Alaska allocated 60,000 king salmon to pollock fishermen, violating federal subsistence laws and those who fish salmon become criminals. The State also created salmon intercept fishery in Area M. Our way of life is dying because not enough fish return to feed people and wildlife. Trout are very skinny, other fish too because there are not enough salmon to feed them. To make things worse, they want to mess up our clean water to kill more fish.

Jesse Foster

Quinhagak, AK

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