Release your negative energy

by Greg Lincoln

We have not talked about anger, it is a sensitive subject because it is hard to talk about without feeling sad, it causes the absence of being happy or content. Everyone has felt this emotion before.
Sometimes when a person passes away it causes us to feel angry. Especially if we love that person so very much and if they are a part of our life. We are angry at why such a thing would happen. We may feel like it is so unfair, so not right, and outright wrong.
Where does this anger come from? It comes from the feeling of when something that belongs to you is taken away and you feel that it is unfair.
When someone takes something that is yours without you knowing or asking, that can instantly make you feel angry. Of course, some people will say to you to just let them be, that they know that they did wrong and it will consume their minds. Elders will tell us this.
Even if you are a calm person and you’ve trained yourself on how to deal with anger so that it does not show outwardly – you can still feel anger when you’ve lost someone you love. Sometimes you will cry angry tears, the most awful kind. We know how you feel and you are not alone in this struggle.
This topic is not something that people usually talk about and it is so unpleasant. It brings up these feelings of a sad anger which people say is one of the reactions to grief and loss. The worst part is when you take this anger out on the ones that you love, the ones that are closest to you and are hurting and suffering along with you. Do not do this.
Sometimes this anger can turn into rage. Get rid of this anger by releasing that negative energy through doing something that requires physical exertion. When your body releases energy you feel drained of that anger and can deal with the world again and continue forth with living.
It has been a rough exhausting journey as we have been dealing with our own loss. It is a nonstop cycle of sadness. The more we endure does not increase our ability to endure. The pain is still as piercing and pronounced as it was on day zero. It is so hard to bear. Someday we will be ready to say that we are okay and have achieved the peace that we so yearn to have.
Dear friends, quyana for your help. How have you helped us? In many ways. You love to say hello and it is as simple as that. Does that bring a smile to your face? It does to ours. Quyana. Please remember the poor families that are grieving from bereavement from years ago to today, the sadness of wanting is still there and will always be.