Redington Huskies visit WarriorDome

by Delta Discovery Staff

The Bethel Warrior Varsity basketball teams hosted the Redington Huskies of Wasilla this past weekend. Both boys and girls teams played in the event with the Warriors winning all the games of the weekend.

Bethel junior high and junior varsity teams warmed up the court on both nights prior to the varsity games. The Bethel Cheer team also performed.

On Friday night Coach Jung’s Warrior boys took on the Huskies, winning 69-44. Matthew Fredericks scored 16 for the Warriors. Madden Cockroft and Paul Dyment both sunk 13. Mason Fitka also finished in double digits with 11 overall.

Bryce Murdock had 14 for the Huskies.

The Lady Warriors also won their first game, 56-22. Isabel Lieb scored 16, Allie Alexie made 14 points, and Briella Herron put in 11 for the win. Payton Boney, Kyana Harpak, and Malinda Simon also made baskets.

Alizae Crume, Adilyn Pitcher, and Cara Tilden all scored for the Lady Huskies.

Games resumed on Saturday night with the Lady Warriors scoring 55 to win the game, Redington scored 22. The Lady Warriors were a scoring machine with eight of the players making baskets. Alexie made 15 points, Lieb scored 14, and Herron made 13. Boney, Kyana Harpak, Iceis Harpak, Ciera Harpak, and Malinda Simon also made points.

Redington’s Lady Huskies also put up baskets. Callie Culp and Crume both made 7. Tilden, Pitcher, and Sonia Gericke also scored.

The boys also won with a final score of 54-35. Greg Turner of the Warriors put up 18 points in the contest. Matthew Fredericks scored 13. Also making baskets were Kenai Tsosie, Cockroft, Dyment, Fitka, and Gustof Erickson.

You can view video clips of the games on instagram @eggskimo, courtesy of Greg Lincoln.

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