Recycle those old denim jeans into a nice rug

Your old jeans can be made into a useful beautiful rug for your floor this winter. The seams from your jeans can be cut out leaving four panels which are cut into strips and crocheted. The circular rug above is approximately 5 ft in diameter.

by Delta Discovery Staff

Do you have lots of old blue jeans that you don’t know what to do with? One solution is to recycle them into a useful handmade denim rug.

It is very easy to make a denim rug and it will sure come in handy here in our cold climate. All you need is a pile of old jeans, some scissors, a big crochet hook (size P/Q), and a little bit of down time to relax while you work on your project. The jeans can be worn out, torn, stained, faded, it is all good as long as they are washed.

The first step is to cut along the seams of your jeans so that you will have four pieces or panels from one pair. You can save the pockets for other useful recycling projects (such as a pocket organizer). Cut the pieces into one long continuous strip approximately 2 – 2 ½” wide concentrically. Roll your strips into balls of denim yarn. Have a ladies get-together for a fun denim cutting party.

Now you can decide if you want a circular rug or an oval shaped rug and start single crocheting just like you would with regular yarn. When you get to the end of one strip, add a new strip and overlap the two pieces. Pretty soon your beautiful rug will start to take shape. Your feet will love it and your friends will be intrigued and inspired by your artistic ingenuity.