Recent letter received by Shareholders not from Calista Corporation

by Calista Corporation Staff

Independent Group Mailing Upsetting Families Who Experienced Loss.

Calista (cha-LIS-ta) Corporation has been made aware of marketing efforts to our Shareholders that are not from nor supported by Calista. One is from an independent individual, which started late May. The other is a mailing from an independent group with a letter dated June 8.

Unfortunately, the independent group’s mailing dated June 8 is going to Shareholders who have passed, causing emotional distress to their families. Calista has received multiple calls from Shareholders upset that a late family member is receiving mail.

The independent group failed to follow long-established procedures and did not request an updated list from Calista. Shareholders, including those involved with independent groups, may request Shareholders lists provided there is a valid purpose. It appears that the independent group is misusing a mailing list that was obtained more than a year ago for a different purpose.

Calista Shareholders can access all official Annual Meeting materials from Calista at A personal identification number (PIN) was sent to each eligible voting Shareholder on May 22, 2020. This standard envelope (or email for those who chose to receive materials electronically) includes an official blue Proxy Form for voting, and a postage-paid return envelope addressed to the Inspector of Elections. The Proxy Form is addressed to each individual voting Shareholder and includes the Shareholder’s name, PIN to vote online, number of shares owned, and other details.